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The Godfather Would be Proud: We Mobbed Carpe Diem Experience

Cashmob Fullerton - Carpe Diem 1

Cashmob Fullerton at Carpe Diem Experience

Saturday, September 15, Cash Mob Fullerton and Branding Personality held a Cash Mob at Carpe Diem Experience in Downtown Fullerton, California, in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce in Fullerton.

What is a Cash Mob?

Cash Mobs were created to help local businesses get new customers, celebrate loyal customers, and generate money to help local economies. Once a business is chosen, the cash mob is advertised, usually through social media, email, and word of mouth. On the day of the cash mob, people show up and commit to purchasing $20 or more of products. Cash Mobs are a way for the community to come together, help a local business, and have fun and meet new people!

Cashmob Fullerton - Carpe Diem 2

Inside Adorned, one of the Carpe Diem Experience stores

The Carpe Diem Mob Experience

Carpe Diem Experience in Downtown Fullerton is a unique art, clothing, jewelry, home décor, and bridal store. Artology at Carpe Diem hosts workshops where they encourage participants to escape from their daily routines and create personalized art.

Carpe Diem also hosts private parties for groups celebrating birthdays, bridal showers, and friendship.

On Saturday, local shoppers “mobbed” Carpe Diem. Shoppers experimented with jewelry, tried on resort wear, saw how fascinators are made, and participated in an Artology workshop. Mobbers got a preview of tasty treats from Le Creperie, a European pastry café set to open soon. Owners of Le Creperie served lemon water, orange crepes, and an assortment of Romanian cakes.

An Offer You Can’t Refuse

The Godfather Would be Proud: We Mobbed Carpe Diem Experience

The Godfather Would be Proud: We Mobbed Carpe Diem Experience

Cash Mobs help bring awareness about local businesses who may not have the means to buy large ad campaigns across different media. Through grassroots coordination, the ensuing social media campaign, and an enthusiastic Cash Mob, a local company can promote itself without having to spend large amounts of money. Cash Mobs have become a part of local communities all over the United States, encouraged by the commitment of organizers and participation of “mobbers” all over the country.

Have you been part of a Cash Mob? How did you hear about it and what was your experience?

C.a.s.h. Mob Proves Successful as Local Business Drives up Sales!

This past Saturday, Lux Salon/Spa in Fullerton, CA played host to the first ever CASH Mob Fullerton. You may be asking yourself, “What’s a CASH Mob?” A CASH Mob is when mass amounts of people go to a particular business and commit themselves to spending twenty dollars or more. CASH Mobs are designed to raise local presence and expand the customer base. (more…)

Cash Mob brings new customers to local businesses in Fullerton, CA

Lux Salon - first Cashmob Fullerton CaliforniaMost of you probably haven’t heard of a Cash Mob. No worries, I’m here to give you a little inside look into what a Cash Mob actually is. The formal definition of a Cash Mob is:

A cash mob is a new trend in which people use social media to plan organized events, providing a way to join together and support local businesses. The concept is simple: with $20 in hand, members of a community come together to shop in a locally-owned establishment to support their favorite local business and support the area economy. The posts below highlight recent, successful cash mob events around the country.”


Sally Hogshead, the 7 triggers of Fascination and personal branding

Sally Hogshead Author of Fascinatefascinating event by Bryan Elliott’s LinkedOC at the Gothic Moon Studios in Orange. Great atmosphere, awesome people but no phone coverage, so no life tweets… What?

That gives room for people to actually meet and look each other in the eyes before the event started and have conversations about Sally’s book: “The fashion choice for a book is to find one catchy word, soon all the cool words are gone. Brian Solis his Engage and now Sally’s Fascinate.” said Chapman University’s social media professor Niklas Myhr. And it created room to brainstorm what would be up next if all the words in the English alphabet would be gone.


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Branding Personality’s AdWords Giveaway

Hey there Branding Personality fans! We’d like to announce that we are hosting a contest that will be running for the next two weeks! We will be handing out $100 Google AdWords gift cards to those of you, whom we feel best answers the following question:

Share an example of how social media has helped you to grow your business. We would love to hear examples of the social media platforms you’ve used as well as how you’ve used them to benefit your business specifically.

Let us know and you could win a $100 Google AdWords gift card, courtesy of Branding Personality.

To submit your response, simply just comment on this blog post!  The most creative entries will get major Points!! 🙂

We will be selecting winners on September 2nd so get your responses in beforehand!

Good luck and we’re looking forward to your responses!!

Branding Personality: Social Media Workshop

When: Friday, August 05, 2011 from 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM (PT)



Branding Personality

111 N Harbor Ave

Suite 2
Fullerton, CA 92832



Branding Personality would like to cordially invite you to a  two hour Social Media Workshop that will focus on helping small business professionals with their social media initiatives.

Whether you’re a social media skeptic  or a struggling greenhorn –  we’re confident you’ll come away from this workshop with some insight into how to improve and execute on your social media plan.

We’ll share our thoughts on what you can do to capitalize on these new marketing channels as well as show you what makes your brand unique. We look to help you identify the best social media channels to reach your customers,  and give insight into how to manage it all effectively & efficiently.

If you would like to attend, click here to RSVP