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Does your Facebook Page Have a Strong Call to Action? -

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Does your Facebook Page Have a Strong Call to Action?

We visit and like Facebook Pages while browsing on Facebook, but are we inclined to do so by the content posted or simply because we already knew and liked that brand? Today I will take a look at three different Facebook Fan pages that have successfully captured visitors as fans by diverting them to a special Welcome Tab, before they can see what is on their wall. We will take a look at three completely different examples of how companies capture fans with a strong Call to Action.


Let’s look at a great example of a Welcome Tab “Call to Action” (Fan Gate) by Pringles. The Pringles Welcome Tab has one of the best calls to action to get their visitors to like their page. Instead of taking their visitors straight to their wall, they like to welcome them by bringing them over to their nicely designed Welcome Page.

The way in which the page is designed, enables Pringles to grab the attention of their visitors and get them to like their page. First off, Pringles has a great high definition photo of a Pringles chip with the words “Click LIKE Button” on it, with an arrow pointing up towards the Like button.

To the left of the chip you can see that Pringles has included a reason to Like the page. They explain to their fans that you deserve it and that they get access to exclusive content only brought to them via their Facebook Page, along with a cleaver tag line.

The page is set up to show content from the wall in the background and it gives the notion that in order to see more, fans must click the Like button. This works, just take a look at their fan count and you can see they have over 16 million Facebook Fans.


Pizza Hut

The next example I will show you is the Welcome tab for Pizza Hut.  Pizza Hut gets right to the point once a fan arrives on  their Facebook Page Welcome Tab. Pizza Hut welcomes visitors with a strong visual of their pizza, and it includes the type of offers they can expect by becoming a fan. Pizza Hut also has a strong call to action with an Arrow pointing towards the like button with the slogan “ LIKE US To Join The Neverending PIZZA PARTY!”  in a large bold font. Below this photo, Pizza Hut has more things going on which makes this more of a Welcome Page then just a plain old fashioned Fan Gate.

Pizza Hut has included 5 more sections within their welcome page. One is for Planet Pizza Hut, which enables visitors to locate the closest Pizza Hut Facebook Fan Page, without ever having to leave the Welcome Tab. Pizza Hut has taken a huge stride in ensuring their brand is consistent across the world. Below this is a section where Pizza Hut posts a picture of the “Pizza Of The Day,” along with links to their other social media platforms.

To the right of the “Pizza Of The Day”, there are two tiny sections. One is to sign up for Pizza Hut’s newsletter. Here Pizza Hut entices visitors to sign up to receive their newsletter by offering them free breadsticks or cinnamon sticks with their next order. Below this is a section to find a job at Pizza Hut.


KLM Airlines

The last Facebook Page I will show you is KLM Airlines. KLM Airlines is an Airline based in The Netherlands.  For their Facebook Page Welcome Tab they went another way than Pringles or Pizza Hut. KLM Airlines used their Welcome Tab as a giant Call to Action. For their Welcome Page, they have a large photo of an attractive female flight attendant, with a warm welcoming smile. What makes this so unique is the way in which her hand is positioned. Her hand is positioned in such a way, so that it shows off the bright orange box that says “Please Like this Page, with an arrow pointing down to the Facebook Like button. Above the photo, KLM states that the “KLM Facebook team is ready for you!”

As you can see, all three ways have worked wonders for these companies and there isn’t necessarily one specific way in which to do it. It needs to work with your Brand and fit the personality of your company.

There are a few things to keep in mind when creating a Welcome Tab.  The most important thing is a CALL to ACTION! You must tell your visitors what to do or they simply won’t. Give your visitors a reason to Like your page, just don’t ask them. Make sure that you create some type of exclusivity with your page. Lastly, make sure you have high definition photos that represent your brand in the best way! No one wants to “Like” a lame Facebook page.

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6 Responses to “Does your Facebook Page Have a Strong Call to Action?”

  1. Nelson Wong says:

    Brilliant piece of advice.

  2. Thanks Nelson! Which one of the examples best applies to your Facebook Page?

  3. D Trevino says:

    Great examples of how to get a desired response.

  4. It is amazing how quickly Facebook pages have changed in terms of design and functionality. I was always underwhelmed by Facebook business pages as they all looked the same but now we are seeing some interesting and innovative approaches.

  5. marieke says:

    @Web Design Shropshire You are right! It helped a lot that Facebook has since developed a new standard: The Iframes, which basically lets you show something you create on your own website and show it on Facebook. And so creating the experience on Facebook, but with the wide options available to website development.

  6. Wendy says:

    Great examples of a landing page design! I created my own but still need to tweak it to make it better and a stronger call to action.

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