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Does your company have a social identity crisis?

I feel like I am preaching to the choir here. Your company is on social media. It’s on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and maybe a few other platforms. People read your content, they engage with your content. They comment on your posts, share it with their friends and you keep attracting more and more people that want to hear what you are now gonna say. Your audience is coming up with their own content, they help build your community, it’s a positive flow.

Unfortunately not every company I talk to is in this position. Sometimes they want to be on social media, but there are a lot of fears. What if their audience is writing bad reviews about them? What if people are not responding to what they write? What if its all a waste of time and money?

I’ll be honest, when I got started in social media, I was just happy to have clients. Everybody could benefit from social media, right? And even though most can, sometimes companies aren’t ready yet. Either not yet, or they will never get there. Social Media is for the courageous, its for the businesses who want to have open communication with their (potential) clients, its for companies who have nothing to hide.

Let’s get back to one of those clients I signed up in 2008: they wanted to be on social media to reach a larger audience, and get more clients. And yes, I think that is possible. They signed the contract, they send me the monthly check and that was it. After the contract started it was my job, and they were not available for feedback. And I’ll tell you, social media does not work if there is no collaboration between the client and the agency. It’s not like an ad agency that you can call, write a check, give approval and its published and that’s it.

Social Media is an ongoing collaboration between the agency that is managing the community and the content, and the people in your company that can follow through on leads, feedback and technical questions.

Even if your company does not work with a social media agency, but you are doing everything in house, does this person know your organization and the people in the organization? Social Media is the glue that can hold an organization together online, if people are well connected and there is collaboration between key players, it’s a recipe for success. If you’re not collaborating, you’re heading towards islands of isolation and that will show on social media.

Prevent your organization from heading into a social identity crisis. The beginning of 2013 is a great time to craft your vision for social media and collaboration. And if you need help crafting that vision, feel free to connect with us, and we help you draft a roadmap towards social media success based on collaboration, clarity and consistency.

Have an amazing 2013!

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2 Responses to “Does your company have a social identity crisis?”

  1. I like what you said that social media are for those courageous businesses that are willing to open their company to their potential customers wherein customers can interact directly to the company, share their feedback and opinions. We all know that best opinions are coming from our customers. This is just the other side of the success in social media. Yeah, it takes the collaboration of the staff / employees, you as the boss, the social media people and the customers as well to get the desired result in social media.

    Thanks Marieke for letting us understand here. 🙂

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