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Does Social Media Affect your Real Time Search Rankings?

Ever wonder how important your Social Media Interactions are on your search engine results? Well let me just say this, it has just become significantly more important! Google is now indexing tweets and other status updates from social media sites like Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter. Google’s lead developer of real time search, Amit Singhal, has just recently shed some light on the super secretive real-time search engine strategy.  Here is the break down of what matters socially!


Reputation and Popularity

Everyone always strives to get more and more followers or likes. Well it turns out that Google doesn’t judge your ranking based upon the number of followers or likes you have. In fact, Google ranks you based on how reputable the followers are that you do have. Just like its page ranking algorithm, it’s all about the quality of people who link to you and share your content. So the more reputable people you have following you, the more it helps your statuses and tweets rank higher in Google’s real-time search engine!



Many people and businesses on Twitter use hashtags a lot, but according to Amit Singhal, Google puts up a giant red flag for tweets with hashtags.  Since hashtags are used for trending topics, a lot of junk tweets go out with the same hashtag. Therefore Google has flagged tweets with hashtags as lower quality tweets. So in the end, the use of hashtags will actually reflect negatively on your real-time rankings.


Not Definite, But Some Possible Important Factors to Higher Google Real Time Search Rankings

Keywords: Tweets filled with keywords in the beginning as well as links with

keywords might outrank tweets without them.

Recency: Possibility to pay more attention to accounts with more activity

User Name: Keywords in your Username may help out

Age: More established users might outrank newer ones.

External Links: How many non-related websites are linked to your account?

Tweet Quantity: So much focus has been put on popularity and quality, it could also

possibly matter on the quantity of those high quality tweets.

Lists: Rankings could also get some data based upon how many lists you appear in.


So, Does Social Media Affect your Real Time Search Rankings?  Well its hard to tell for sure since Google won’t release how they will rank social media in real time, but if you take some of these possibilities from above, it definitely couldn’t hurt to try. It might even increase your SEO page ranks too!

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2 Responses to “Does Social Media Affect your Real Time Search Rankings?”

  1. Dorien Morin says:

    This is great info and good to know for all of us concerned with getting recognized and getting ‘klout’ on social media. I have tried to not use #hashtags too often,now I am glad I haven’t, after reading this. Connecting just for the numbers is never a good idea. I connect with real people and brands who connect back with me and @reply, re-tweet and care. Thanks for giving us a great list to start with 🙂

  2. Social Networking sites today are very helpful in business and especially in communication…But I am not aware of this information right now…I think people should read this…

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