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Customer Experience Book Club

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The Customer Experience Book Club

I’ve been to several events in the past few months with speakers talking about the Customer Experience. More companies are creating a Customer Experience Manager position because they understand the importance of creating a consistent and superior experience for customers. Oracle and Salesforce have dedicated sessions at their events for Customer Experience Managers because they understand how integral this position is to the success of a company.

Here are some books I recommend to get started with learning about the 21st century customer experience, its impact on business growth and revenue, and how you can get your organization ready to provide your customers with awesome experiences so they keep coming back, and they bring you more customers.

The Customer Experience Revolution – Jeofrey Bean and Sean Van Tyne

The Customer Service Experience Revolution

A great overview of companies who embrace the customer experience and have it integrated into their organization and overall business strategies. This is the go-to book to learn how Amazon, Apple, Intuit, and other select companies keep the customer experience first and foremost in their strategies, and how that has helped them become some of the most successful brands and companies today.

The End of Business As Usual – Brian Solis

The End of Business as Usual

Consumers are connected in ways that they have never been. They are able and empowered to share their experiences through mobile and social media – and they can do it in real time. Solis encourages organizations to use this to their advantage; learn the behaviors, connect with your audiences, and create a culture that supports this new connectedness and culture shift.

The Book of Business Awesome/The Book of Business UnAwesome – Scott Stratten

The Book of Business Awesome/The Book of Business UnAwesome

Two books in one – value! Stratten argues that to deliver an awesome experience for customers, companies need to hire great people and then give them the support and empowerment necessary for them to help customers. This book is full of examples of awesome and unawesome companies. The unawesome side is my favorite because some of the stories are cringeworthy and you wonder, “Who gave the OK for that decision????”

Be Our Guest: Perfecting the Art of Customer Service – The Disney Institute and Theodore Kinni

Be Our Guest: Perfecting the Art of Customer Service – The Disney Institute and Theodore Kinni

Disney is synonymous with exceptional experiences and creating “magic” for their guests. This small book gives examples of companies who have attended the Disney Institute, incorporated lessons into their own organizations, and how their companies have thrived. A practical “learn by example” book, Be Our Guest shows that any company, if it’s ready and willing, can create magical experiences for customers.

Share your book recommendations with me, Lori Johnson, in the comments below or with me on twitter at @ElleJisAwesome.

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  1. Peter Szabo says:

    Such an amazing collection, I only have to chose the right one for me:) I wish I could purchase all of them, but honestly, it doesn’t depend on the price but unfortunately I wouldn’t have enough time to read ’em all. But it’s pretty cool that there are a lot of book like that, I bet that everyone’s going to find the one which fits for his needs! Thanks for sharing;)

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