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Content Marketing Workshop: The Honest Company

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Content Marketing Workshop: The Honest Company

The Honest CompanyThis is a 60-90 minute content marketing workshop designed for a social media and/or marketing team. This workshop can be done as a small group activity, or you can divide a large group into 2-4 groups for the Analysis Exercises and Challenge Questions.

Learning Objectives:

  • Analyze an example of a company that uses content marketing to consistently engage with customers and build strong brand awareness
  • Discuss how The Honest Company uses social media platforms i.e. different types of content and customer engagement
  • Apply knowledge to takeaway challenge questions to perform self-analysis of your company’s content marketing

Who: The Honest Company

30-second Background: Started in 2012 by actress Jessica Alba and executive/author Christopher Gavigan, The Honest Company is a subscription service that sells eco-friendly, stylish, and sustainable baby and household products. Their motto is “Together we can do better,” which reflects their mission to help parents and families make better choices and create a healthier environment for all. Check out their principles here. Jessica Alba is on the list of Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business and The Honest Company has been praised for its unwavering commitment to a rigorous set of health and sustainability standards.

Web Presence:

Homepage: www.honest.com

Blog: http://blog.honest.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheHonestCompany

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Honest

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/HonestCompany/

Analysis Exercises: 

How did The Honest Company get such impressive numbers in just one year of doing business? Jessica Alba’s star power may have helped build numbers in the beginning, but five things contribute to continued growth and engagement:

The Honest Company works with Egg on their brand identity and design. Look at The Egg Group’s page about their work with The Honest Company. What is The Honest Company’s brand vision and aesthetic, and how do they relate to its target demographic?

Look at The Honest Company’s Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. What different kinds of content do they share? How is the content relevant to The Honest Company brand and to their customers? How do followers engage?

How does The Honest Company interact with their customers on their social media platforms and its blog?

Who does The Honest Company mention and retweet on Twitter? How does that strengthen their brand?

Below is a statement from The Honest Company’s social media team via kellylieberman.wordpress.com:

“Our social media team’s efforts aren’t just about marketing or branding. Because we passionately care about delivering products that consumers want and need—and we also want to build a community based on trust and open communications—we use our social media channels to improve the customer experience and enhance their life. Our goal is to create a lifestyle destination where we provide members with added value content that’s an extension of the ideal that we are all in this together to make the world a better place.”

What’s your driving philosophy behind your social media efforts? How does it relate to the content you share?

Takeaway Challenges:

What do you need to learn about your customers in order to use content marketing to connect with them, consistently engage them, and build a trusted brand name?

The Honest Company uses three social media platforms. Which platforms do you use? Are they right for your company? What will you do to use your chosen social media platforms to your full advantage?

If a world renowned content marketing expert were to write about your company’s content marketing, what would you want him or her to write about?

I am Branding Personality’s Customer Experience Manager, helping clients find solutions to their content marketing challenges. Questions? Comments? Contact me at [email protected] or on Twitter at @BPLoriJ







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  2. Lola Francis says:

    Successful content marketing needs several elements to be clearly defined and fit.

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    You need to decide on your content and content formats

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