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Connecting the Citizens of Hong Kong via Social Media -

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Connecting the Citizens of Hong Kong via Social Media

Hong Kong SkylineWith a population of about 7.1 million, Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. Big on business and trade, Hong Kong is another international hub in Asia that attracts many internationals and expats alike.

In a big city known for its big business, the people of Hong Kong work hard and play hard. With all that hard work during the week and only the weekends to socialize, Social Media allows for “Hongkongers” to keep in touch with each other during those tough work schedules.

Of the 7.1 million people in Hong Kong, nearly 5 million people use the Internet. So what social media sites are they using over in HK?


Social Bakers reports there are 3,738,220 Facebook users in Hong Kong – making the social media giant the reigning champ of social media in Hong Kong. Facebook has the highest penetration of population at about 52.73% and a 76.62% penetration of online population.

Want to see how Hong Kong’s top brands are making their impression?

Groupon Hong Kong is connecting with consumers by posting some of their best daily deals. These postings really get customers to respond and engage with the company.  Check it out GrouponHK.


If your company or brand is looking to connect with consumers in Hong Kong, YouTube wouldn’t be a bad channel to take advantage of. It is currently Hong Kong’s 2nd most popular social media site and according to ComScore, the average Internet user in Hong Kong watches more than 147 online videos per month, averaging out to about 12 hours of online video every month!

A demonstration of your product, or perhaps a short video explaining your brand and business will help you connect with HK consumers on a whole new level. Updating your YouTube channel with engaging and informative videos would prove to be beneficial when breaking into the HK market. Be aware of the language barrier, Cantonese and English are the dominant languages.

Breaking into Hong Kong

In a 2011 survey of 387 Hong Kong residents, which was conducted in March 2011 by Ketchum.com and Blogher.com, it was found that 92% visit Facebook, 77% read blogs on a weekly basis and 52% write blogs.

Between work and the busy city life, Social Media sites allow for “Hongkongers” to quickly connect with friends and family during their busiest days. The report also found that 50% of the respondents made a purchase based on blog recommendations. The survey also found that 52% of the HK residents were more influenced by blogs, message boards, and social network than television.

Social Media is free, engaging, and allows for your business to connect with consumers across borders in an instant. Due to a lack of sufficient data, in regards to social media, marketers and businesses have been slow to jump on the Social Media train.  So if you’re looking to enter the Hong Kong market – Social Media is your channel, and now is the time! Jump on the train, Choo!

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2 Responses to “Connecting the Citizens of Hong Kong via Social Media”

  1. Jennifer Alvasin says:

    That is true …social media is help in strengthening the communicating among everyone … thanks for sharing ….

  2. My wife and I just got back from Hong Kong. Great city! One thing that helps social media there is that the city is completely wired for wireless, even underground the connections are good.

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