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Is Your Cloud-based App Competitive

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Is Your Cloud-based App Competitive?

Phon_Vecul_Sale_2_3_[Converted]_copySince Cloud-based applications are plentiful pertaining to nearly every aspect of business, does your online app have what it takes to be competitive? Are you in direct competition with apps that offer similar services for free? It can be a difficult market to focus on in order to turn a profit for your development. With so many alternatives out there in the wild, you need to be somewhat inventive in order to make it worth your time and money to provide online services. How can you increase your reputation as a developer to cut a larger slice of this pie that is the Internet?

1. Reviews over Testimonials

Many consumers pass over testimonials as they are considerably easy to fake. Any website developer can write a positive paragraph about a service or company and assign a random name. Testimonials are more like a reference page of a resume. No one is really going to use a reference that is negative against a job seeker. How many testimonials have you ran across that painted the business in a bad context? However, reviews can be more engaging. These reviews are written by the average consumer pointing out what is good and bad about a particular service and/or company.

Why would you want a negative look at your product? The answer is: To improve development. If you don’t know what was wrong with a service, how do you know what to improve upon? This is aside from the fact that it adds more “life” to the organization. Many consumers see it as a method of providing honesty about a company, which could greatly improve the client base. No consumer wants to be lied to and an honest review helps create that bond of trust.

2. Bells-and-Whistles

In order to be more attractive to consumers over free alternatives or competing services, you need to add something more that the others don’t provide. This aspect takes a bit of reconnaissance on your behalf. Although this is a common practice with many organizations, just how far does your company delve into research and development? In order to encompass a broad spectrum of what services are appealing, you need to test a variety of competitors and build a comprehensive list of what they are providing. This could entail investing money in subscription fees in order to experience what your competitor provides.

3. Surveying Clients

Regularly surveying your current clients could help you provide additional benefits to increase their loyalty and attract new members. Collecting a list of developments from those who utilize your services will give you a handle as to what your Cloud-based development is lacking. By giving them what they are asking for, your clients will remain and your reputation begins to grow. It is this reputation that will stretch across the Internet and create additional interest from new members.

One of the biggest improvements to any business is that of customer service. Whether this customer service is online or at a brick-and-mortar location, taking care of your customers should always be a priority. Feedback is ever important in order to continue creating an atmosphere that consumers can feel comfortable with. Assuming that you know what the clients want will prove to be unprofitable in the long run. Listen to what they ask for and build on trust and features that they desire.


Ken Myers is the founder of  http://www.longhornleads.com/ & has learned over the years the importance of focusing on what the customer is looking for and literally serving it to them. He doesn’t try to create a need; instead he tries to satisfy the existing demand for information on products and services.

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