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How to manage a Twitter account with multiple people

December 4, 2009 3 Comments »

You like to use Twitter, but you don’t have the time or content to keep your Twitter account fresh everyday. Some people hire a company (like us) to provide content on the Twitter account, other companies it makes great sense to keep it in house and have their own team take care of it.

Most celebrities use a team of people to manage one account. A good example for this is Britney Spears. Britney Spears is not the only person writing content on her Twitter account, she has a team of people that provide content continuously on Twitter, people including her social media manager, her PR person, her personal assistant and of course Britney herself. Her account is managed by a total of 5 people.

When you are managing a Twitter account with multiple people, these people should sign the account with their signature. Like we do on the Twitter account for this webhosting company. Employees sign on that Twitter account with ^Rutger and ^Robert. To make it shorter you could use initials, when I write Twitter content for my clients, I use the signature ^mh. The ^ symbol is used to show the signature in the Tweet.

Using a signature helps in keeping the credibility of the account high. For example, If I tweet for one of my client “I am at this great event”, and then suddenly my client is in Traffic, or something happens, and doesn’t make it to the event. Readers (followers) may find out, and it makes the account look not credible, and therefore looses authority.

Guy Kawasaki gives great insights about his Twitter management strategy in a blog.

A great tool to manage a Twitter account with multiple users is CoTweet. Several people can easily manage one account. And you can see which Tweets have been responded to and which haven’t.

Other than that, set up keyword searches, like “looking for -your service-” and related, so that you can join in that conversation to create opportunities. And of course keyword searches on your brand, so that you can respond and know what your fans and friends are talking about.


The Liaisons Chapter of BNI Holds Visitors’ Day on Dec 3rd in Anaheim

November 24, 2009 No Comments »

Anaheim, CA, November 24, 2009 — Business Network International (BNI), an international networking organization specializing in business referrals among members, is holding a Visitors’ Day for its Liaisons Chapter on December 3rd from 7:30 am to 9:00 am at the Anaheim Plaza Hotel, Anaheim. The Visitors’ Day event is an opportunity for business owners to experience the great business opportunities that come from networking with BNI as well as learn about the businesses in Liaisons as well as briefly promote their own business.

BNI is a great way for businesses to experience growth by maximizing their marketing efforts through word of mouth. BNI generated over 5 million referrals for member businesses in 2008-referrals which generated over $2.3 billion worth of businesses for its members.

BNI was founded in 1985 by Ivan R. Misner, Ph. D., author of The World’s Best Known Marketing Secret, Seven Second Marketing, Business by Referral, Masters of Networking and Masters of Success. “Our style of networking is based on the philosophy ‘givers gain’, – if I help you, then you’ll help me, and we’ll all do better in business,” says Misner.

The Anaheim Plaza Hotel is located at 1700 S. Harbor Blvd. Cost for the meeting is $5. The meeting is open to anyone interested in attending. It is highly recommended for participants to bring plenty of business cards for networking. For reservations contact Marieke Hensel, 877-747-3263. For additional event information or to learn more about BNI, visit the BNI website or our local region’s website.


6 ways to find your potential customer on Twitter

November 13, 2009 No Comments »

When you start out on Twitter, you usually start following the people you already know from your outside-of-Twitter-life. It may be from TV (celebrities), friends, networking contacts or family. Well, Twitter is a great way to connect with people who you could start building a relationship with. If your business works with local consumers or companies, than where your contacts live – might be important to you.

If your potential customers are people interested in a specific thing (i.e. wine for a wineshop), than connecting with people who share that passion is a great step forward in building a relationship with your potential target market.

There are a couple of websites where you can find people based on location, business or interest.

1. http://twellow.com – Directory of Twitter users, with a multitude of options to find people you could connect with. For example on geographic area, keyword search.

2. http://twitr.org – Another directory, not as extensive as Twellow, but you can find people based on the most popular tags.

3. http://geofollow.com/ – Geographic directory of Twitter users. Look for city, state or country combined with keywords.

4. http://twtbiz.com/ – Find entrepreneurs, businesses, investors and media peeps on Twitter based on a keyword search.

5. http://justtweetit.com/ – Easy overview on the homepage of categories from which you can find people that share your interest.

6. http://listorious.com/ – Last but not least. The new way of searching great people on Twitter, is by checking out the lists that people create of interested Twitter users. Now everyone can make their own fave directories, ro what they are now called Listst. And Listorious is a directory of lists on Twitter – to find great people recommended by others that fit your keyword or geographic search.

Finding people is the first step. But don’t forget to listen to their conversations, and join in when you have something valuable to share. That’s how conversations start and it is the beginning of a real conversation starting to take place.


The relevancy of Twitter for your business

November 10, 2008 3 Comments »

When people first hear about Twitter, it’s a hard one to understand. Therefore I will answer some frequently asked questions to understand what Twitter is about and how it can help your business.

How much time does Twitter cost?
In these times, when we have less & less time on our hands to keep starting conversations that can grow into relationships. That is how I started blogging on Twitter. It was much easier to create an output of 4 microblogs each day on Twitter than 1 blogpost three times a week on my blog. In a couple of weeks I was hooked. Moreover because I had a heart surgery and stayed in the hospital for three weeks, and with a phone on my hands I could Twitter, read messages from others, if not I would have felt isolated. Please use useless time for Twitter, like standing in line, when in writers block, or waiting for a traffic light in the car (before the other cars start honking). 😉

How can you read all messages from your friends on Twitter?
There is so much output on Twitter. You simply can’t read all your friends messages on Twitter. And if you could, you shouldn’t. Do you think all your friends always say something highly worthwhile? Yes, its worthwhile for them, but not at all always for me. So use your internet reading technique: scan the messages.

So, if everyone is posting and not everyone is reading, why is that worth my while?
The value is in the conversation, or you could say in the reply. That’s where the connection with a person starts. Share topics that you would like to interact on with other people. People build relationships with others, because they share something. Start sharing your interests, your business interests and what you do, and people will find you because they are interested in the same thing as you.

Also, find people through Twitter Search for example that talk about topics you are interested in, and start conversations with them.

Last week I highlighted a business from a friend that offers mediation services. My friend got people contacting him through my one Twitter post. Just 140 characters can result in closed business for you or someone else.

So should I start posting anything I want on Twitter?
I suggest sharing quality content in your Twitter feed, as that builds your credibility. And eleminating trashy posts, just helps that matter too. Use the keywords you like to talk about, be positive and supportive and most important: reply!

So Marieke, what did you get out of Twitter?
I use my Twitter mostly for strengthening relationships with the internet-geeky community in The Netherlands, but that has grown to something. And right now I have a lot of local connections in California too. My ultimate goal, is that I keep strengthening and building relationships with people in The Netherlands while I am here (in California). So they think of me, when they hear about online personal branding, social media marketing or blogs and invite me to give workshops in The Netherlands now & then. (I have one full-day workshop scheduled in December on Google Analytics)

How can you help me getting the most out of Twitter?
I give workshops to companies on Twitter, and provide 1-2-1 Twitter trainings by phone & face-to-face. Next to that, I set up profiles on Twitter and develop personalized Twitter strategies for business development, customer loyalty, etc.