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Facebook Ads: What’s the difference between CPC VS CPM?

October 3, 2011 3 Comments »

So your ready to start your first Facebook Ad Campaign!! YAY!! But you have no idea which price model to go with. What do these bid prices mean? What’s CPC and CPM? Don’t freak out! I’m here to help you through this and get you on your way!

First things first when it comes to creating a Facebook Ad, and that’s figuring out how which price model you are going to go with. Are you thinking about paying for impressions? Or pay by the click? Or do you have no idea at all? This is an important first step, in order to help calculate the return on investment of your ads. Lets discuss some differences between the two models. (more…)


Facebook Ads: How to Manage Your Campaigns to Get the Best ROI

September 28, 2011 2 Comments »

Look at the right of your Facebook right now… Now notice the ads placed there. Do they relate to your interests or needs?  Chances are they do! They weren’t put there by chance, but are targeted at you based upon your interests or some of the information Facebook has collected from your profile.

With Facebook Ads, Facebook has taken advertising to the next level. Now, not only can huge multinational companies advertise, but so can the average person and small business. With just a few clicks and a credit card you can have your businesses advertisements being exposed to thousands of unique users. Let’s break it down a little bit more and see how it can benefit you. (more…)


How to Create An Event On Facebook That People Will Actually Attend

September 19, 2011 1 Comment »

I know you’ve all been invited to your fair share of events on Facebook, but how many of them have you actually attended, after replying yes too? Probably about a third of them at best. This is because its easy to just say yes to them and totally forget about it a week later right? Well It’s time to find out how to really create a Facebook event that people will show up to! (more…)


What New Change Can You Expect From Facebook in the Coming Weeks?

September 14, 2011 No Comments »

That’s right; expect to see even more changes to your Facebook profile page in the following weeks, as Facebook looks to upgrade its friends lists. In a giant effort to compete with Google+, Facebook is revamping the design of its friends list to make it more appealing and easier for users. (more…)


The Long Awaited Facebook Music Service

September 2, 2011 7 Comments »

That’s correct people, in an attempt to continue to take over the Internet, Facebook has partnered up with Spotify, MOG, and Rdio to finally launch the long rumored music service. You will soon be able to listen to music without having to leave Facebook. Facebook will look toward its new partners to stream their music content over the Facebook website. It comes as no surprise that Facebook would decide to partner up with Spotify because just recently Spotify has allowed its members to connect through their Facebook profiles in order to share their music playlists with their friends. I would be shocked if we don’t see something similar to this on your Facebook profile as soon as the music service is rolled out. Look for Facebook to officially announce the launch of the music service sometime in late September.

Facebook wants to bring music onboard just like with their Facebook games; to be a platform for streaming music. (It’s another way in which Facebook can keep people on their site even longer!) Since Facebook doesn’t play any favorites, look for the music platform to be opened up to other third party developers.

Next step for Facebook would be to stream movies through their site. Who knows! It wouldn’t surprise me in the next few years if Facebook allows you to do your personal banking through their site! Again, just another step in Facebook’s plot to take over the Internet, as we know it! 😉


Facebook’s Privacy Overhaul: What you need to know!

August 26, 2011 2 Comments »

It’s about time, Facebook! It took Mr. Zuckerberg long enough to realize that we want more PRIVACY! Since its conception, Facebook users have had issues with the privacy settings on their Facebook profile. Well here at last we have a little more control over what people can see and what they can tag you in.

In the next few days Facebook plans to roll out over a dozen new changes that make up two main categories: Profile privacy and the way in which users can share content. These major changes come after Google+ makes some headway to becoming the fastest growing social network in the world! (Check out our article on what Google+ is and how to use it) Essentially, Facebook has taken some of what Google+ offers and has integrated it into Facebook profiles.


New Privacy Settings

Facebook is done with the bulky privacy settings page and has now embedded them right on to the profile page. When you edit your profile page, a box on the right hand side will be there for you to edit your privacy settings, for that section. In addition, Facebook has taken the “View Profile As” page and moved it directly onto your profile page. Instead of going to the privacy settings to see this, it will now be on the top right of your profile page. You can now just type in someone’s name  too see what your profile looks like too them, according to the settings you have enabled.

Along with showing you what others can see, Facebook has enabled a privacy feature to let you review tags from Locations, Pictures, and Posts before anyone else can see them on your profile. This includes people that aren’t Facebook friends with you as well. Now anyone can tag anyone else, but that person must review it before it gets posted to his or her page.

Content Sharing

That’s just half of it. Facebook has made some serious changes to the way we will be able to share content. Facebook takes a page from the new entrant Google +’s book, on content sharing. Just like Google+, Facebook has upgraded its publisher bar to include location, tags, and control over who can see your content. As mentioned above, you can now approve tags by friends or you can have an approved list of friends that can tag you without your approval. Facebook Places has also been integrated into the publisher bar. Now you can just “check in” through a status update, as well as tag photos and videos from that location. With this comes the upgrade on Facebook’s mobile app for iOS and Android. You will notice that Places has been replaced with “Nearby”, a section where you can see recent check-ins around your current location.

Facebook allows you to now pick and choose who sees your status updates just like Google+. You can choose to share a status with the “Public” which is anyone who can see your profile, or you could choose groups of particular people to share your status update. Clearly a move that needed to happened since the arrival of Google+.


The last of the privacy changes is the ability to now untag yourself from Facebook content. They have come up with three new options that include untagging yourself from photos, asking the photo uploader to take down the photo, or block that person on Facebook.

Google+ must have really shaken up the industry this summer, for Facebook to revamp all their privacy settings, after it being criticized for so long. This summer of Social Media has been quite an interesting one to follow. What else can we expect to be taking place in the near future?


Five Key SEO Strategies for Every Facebook Page

August 12, 2011 2 Comments »

All right, so you have a Facebook Page set up already. Are you getting as many visits and likes as you planned? If not, this article will help you to optimize your Facebook Page in order to generate the most traffic. I will highlight 5 really simple measures you can take to increase the visibility of your page both on Facebook as well as the Internet as a whole. (more…)


10 Quick and Simple ways to get more “Likes” on Facebook

August 8, 2011 8 Comments »

So your company has finally decided to claim a stake in some territory on the land of Facebook. (Just a tad bit late, no big deal.) Congrats though, you’ve just finished the easiest part. Now it’s time to grow your fan base and actually get some people to “like” you. This can seem easy, but don’t be fooled this task could be a daunting one if not done in the right manner. Don’t fear, we’ve got you covered with a quick list of things to help make this a breeze.

1.) “Like” Your own Page!

First and Foremost, LIKE YOUR OWN PAGE!! Why would anyone want to “Like” your page, when you DON’T even LIKE it? You’d be shocked to know how many people out there don’t like their very own page. Its just common sense!

2.) Incorporate a “Like” button on the company home/landing page

The developers over at Facebook have been nice enough to create nine different social plug-ins, which allow businesses to create a more personalized Facebook experience for their visitors. The most common plug-in you will find is the “Like” button, and that’s because it’s the easiest way to get them to follow your brand! It’s just a click away and the best part is, they don’t even have to leave your page!

3.) Add Social Media Icons to your website that link to your Profiles

It has just about become routine now to see businesses post links to the various social networks in which they command a presence on. The most common way to incorporate this into your website, is to have the social network icons, link to your page accordingly. It is important to inform your visitors of your social media sites, because the days of relying solely on your webpage to sway your customers is over. Time to get SOCIAL!!

4.) Incorporate the Facebook Icon in Your Email Newsletter

This is as simple as it sounds; just incorporate some social media icons into your newsletter template. This will show readers that you’re actively participating in social media and that they should reference it also, to get up to the minute details about what’s going on!

5.) Inform your Email Subscribers about your Social Media Habits

Send out an email to your subscribers that is solely dedicated to informing them about your social media presence!

6.) Add a link to your Facebook page in your Email Signature

This is just another way to keep in front of your customers and let them know that you are active on Facebook. Also it’s a good way to gain more fans, as some previous customers may not have known that you are on Facebook until they receive an email from you. It’s a great way to give people the opportunity to get to know you through you’re Facebook before going further with any sort of business. We suggest you tell your current employees to do the same!

7.) Target Your Market with Facebook Ads

Use Facebook Ads to direct people to your Page. The most effective way to do this is to target friends of your fans. This way, when they see your ad, they will also see that one of their friends has already liked it, and most likely be more willing to check it out.

8.) Give some Incentive

Provide some incentive for your fans to spread the word for you. There’s nothing wrong with offering a little extra to your fans for their loyal support. The best marketing there is, is Word of Mouth. What’s better then having your fans spread the word to their friends for you?

9.) Consistently engage your fans with stimulating content

The Purpose of a Facebook Page is so that you can engage your fans. It’s the stadium in which consumer business conversation takes place. Be sure to provoke conversation and encourage comments and user generated content. The more your fans post on your page, the more they show up in their friends news feeds, and the more likely you will gain more followers!!

10.) Make your Page Reflect Your Personality

Facebook is where your fans really get to see what your company is all about. It provides a place where fans can really build relationships and trust with your brand. So let it shine for all to see and watch your fan base grow as you build more and more relationships with fans!!


How a Car Dealership can sell more Cars on Facebook

May 6, 2011 66 Comments »

Facebook Page Lead Generation Page of Honda Cars of Corona

Facebook Page Lead Generation Page of Honda Cars of Corona

Branding Personality and Honda Cars of Corona teamed up to attract a larger audience on Facebook and sell more cars through Facebook. They had been taking care of their Facebook page with some success but were ready to take it to the next level. For Car Dealer Consultants Branding Personality works closely with Kathi Kruse, she is a social media consultant for auto dealerships, and is our partner in communication, training and consulting with the client. She makes sure the clients understand what social media can do, and trains the employees to strengthen the effects we can accomplish together on social media.

So, how did we go about it? On March 30th we started when the page had about 300 likes.
1. We created a Lead Generating Landing Page on Facebook.
This is foremost to make sure that if we generate traffic to Facebook, we give the opportunity to people visiting the page to request a test drive of a Honda. This is the end of the funnel, and we want to make sure that is set up correctly, so we can attract targeted traffic. If we get traffic in to the funnel, it will result in test drives to be requested either by filling out the form or calling the phone number.

2. Get traffic to your Facebook Fan Page with Facebook Advertising
Then it’s time to drive traffic into the funnel. Facebook Advertising gives the opportunity to tap into the larger Facebook community, and Facebook Ads also offers ways to target specific demographics, locations and user interests to make sure the right people are seeing your ads.

3. Make sure people click on your ad
Write clearly and have a compelling benefit in your ad so that people want to click on your ad to find out more. Be wary that people have a lot more things to look at on your Facebook Page than just your ad, so make sure it’s clear, it entices and it wants people to take action.

4. Make sure people enter the form on your Lead Generation Landing Page on Facebook
For Honda Cars of Corona we gave away a $500 gas card to one of the people liking the Facebook Fan Page.
But the way to go about it is something you have to be careful of. Facebook has strict guidelines and you are not allowed to accumulate entries for a contest on Facebook by using Facebook itself (the wall, the like button, a comment, etc). Instead you need to use a third party app. For a better understanding of the Facebook Promotional Guidelines, Mari Smith wrote a great and very thorough explanation on Facebook Contest & Promotions.

Lead Generation Form for a Facebook Page to Generate Sales

Lead Generation Form for a Facebook Page to Generate Sales

The way we accumulate entries with Honda Cars of Corona, is to make it part of the lead generation form. As you see on the right, underneath the form is a check box so people can click to check to win the $500 gas card and at the same time request a test drive if they want to experience the car. This is the way for Honda Cars of Corona to legally acquire entries for the contest.

I get many questions about other Facebook Pages that ask to Like a Page or write a post on the wall to qualify to enter, this is against Facebook’s Promotional guidelines, and you risk your Facebook Page being shut down without warning. So, don’t take the risk, find a solution that works within the guidelines of Facebook, or contact us and we’ll help you get started.

5. Attract audience at related forums and Facebook Pages.
To generate more awareness about your Page and the offer (perhaps the contest) that you are doing. Reach out to communities on Facebook that are related to your Page. Good examples might be: the city where your business is located, communities where a lot of your clients participate, or communities where a similar audience like your current audience participates on the topics that you are offering. I won’t go into specific examples for what we have done for Honda Cars of Corona, but I will say that you want to take a look at contest prizes that already have a hungry audience, with an active community on Facebook. Facebook Pages or Groups are great places to get the buzz going.

6. Write fresh content, 5 times a week, twice a day.
I am not saying, Monday through Friday between 9am and 5pm. You have to try and test different times and different days in the beginning to see what works. Check which day/time slots generate the least response, eliminate that and start posting on a different day. For Honda Cars of Corona they are posting Saturdays and Sundays, as that are the days when people are looking around for a new car. Social Media is not a Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm job.

7. Engage with your audience
Engage with your audience by awarding the people that take the time to write a reply. Or sometimes even acknowledging the people that Like a post. A post comes to live if people reply and the same goes the other way around. It’s great if someone acknowledges and replies to your comment. It leaves a good impression and motivates people to come back another time and reply again. We need commenters and likers to build the community. And most important: The Conversion is in the Conversation.

8. Be authentic, be real, be personable
All in all be human. Talk like a normal person and be accepting of everyone.

Results of the campaign thus far:

Facebook Page Contest Winner of Gas Card

Facebook Page Contest Winner of Gas Card

People joined the Page by clicking “Like” when visiting the Facebook Page and enter the sweepstakes via the gas card tab; and sign up for a test drive while at it. The winner was drawn at random when the page reached 1,000 likes.

Surprisingly, we ended the sweepstakes a week earlier than anticipated because of the overwhelming response! We reached Honda’s goal of 1,000 likes in less than a week and are currently at over 2,000 likes and growing. 
Honda Cars of Corona received 50 leads in the first Month of their campaign, of which 5 were highly likely to buy a car in the short term. A great start in the first month.

Although we didn’t want the number of Likes to be a focus, it is what most of our customers want when they come to us. They think it’s all about the number of Likes. And it’s not. It’s about the engagement and interaction, and the like-ability that this client will turn into a customer some time down the line (or refer us to a customer, because they like the people in the company).

How to engage?
Branding Personality creates content to engage the audience and be authentic. The goal is to be more than a marketing initiative and treat prospective and current customers with the wisdom, entertainment and dedication that they deserve. Think outside of the box, have genuine interest in your audience, and offer them more beyond a view of your Page. After the success, Honda has decided to give away another $500 gas card to a lucky winner at 2,500 likes! (They have reached 2,500 fans as of May 7th, 2011).


Create a Presence on Facebook

December 8, 2010 1 Comment »

Create a presence on FacebookThe easiest way to start interacting with your fans is to create a Facebook Fan Page.

Be sure to add a photo of yourself. People respond better to faces than logos. Its important to be approachable so people that you may not know feel comfortable enough to reach out to you. Also, try to fill out the rest of your profile completely including your business information and even photos of your business or events you have participated in. Your brand will look more credible when your profile is filled out completely.

Invite your friends to become a fan. It’s easy to make a warm invitation to others and ask for their support on your projects. Once you have 25 fans, you can create a vanity URL. A vanity url allows you to customize your page a little bit more. Facebook randomly assigns a number to your page, but with a vanity URL, you can decide what your Facebook URL will be. Visit facebook.com/username to register your vanity URL. Be sure to pick a name that represents your business well because once you pick it, you can’t change it!

Next, be sure to update your page. The only rule I have is “Never be Boring!”  Post because you have something interesting to say, not just to hear yourself “speak.” Some great ideas to get started, be a resource! You don’t always have to post information about what you are up to. You can share articles from other websites. And don’t always share the big players, they usually get enough traffic. Help the smaller guys get more attention by sharing their quality content. Mix in updates that aren’t always related to your business. Facebook doesn’t always have to be about business. Let them see your personality and connect on a personal level.

Once your content is up, be sure to interact with your fans. If they ask a question, be sure to reply in a timely manner. You can also comment on other pages. You have to give love to get love. So don’t just sit there expecting people to come to you. Go out and interact with them first.

Go to www.facebook.com/pages to start setting up your Facebook Page for your business or personal brand. If you need any help setting up your Page, we love to help you with that. Call us at 1-877-747-3263 or email facebook@brandingpersonality.com and we’ll get you set up and attract your first fans to your new page!