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How to Avoid Losing Social Media Followers

January 21, 2013 1 Comment »

How to Avoid Losing Social Media FollowersAre YOU Losing Social Media Followers?

I read an article on Mashable last week: “Facebook lost 1.4 Million Users. Does that Matter?” Now, after scanning the article and realizing that the loss equates to less than 1% of Facebook’s overall users, my initial reaction was oh well, they will bounce back. 

But after a few moments of introspection, I realized my train of thought was inherently flawed, especially since I call myself a social media strategist and work with many small businesses to create compelling social media campaigns that aim at increasing engagement and establishing long-lasting, fruitful relationships. (more…)


How the BRIC Countries are Influencing Social Media

January 4, 2013 3 Comments »

Social media has firmly established itself in the United States, but sometimes marketers and entrepreneurs fail to realize that there are genuine social opportunities in countries around the world. Places like Brazil, Russia, India and China- a collection commonly referred to as BRIC countries- have made leaps and bounds on social media platforms that are largely unknown to most Americans. (more…)


3 Reasons Why Facebook Pages Are Your Most Valuable Asset

December 21, 2012 3 Comments »

Joining the Facebook Party

What is the value of having a company Facebook page?

This is a question that many small, medium, and large businesses still ask. There is such tremendous value of a company Facebook page that the answer is worthy of a full blog post.

A Facebook page is essentially a website, only it is uniform in appearance with respect to other Facebook pages and it asks users to subscribe to its content. Goals for a Facebook page can be very similar to a website. On its surface a Facebook page serves as an online facade for your product, service, and brand. It’s where your customers come to learn who you are, what you sell, why they should buy from you, and who else buys from you too. Facebook pages create brand awareness, facilitate online purchases, increase visits to store locations, and serve as a source of information. Basically, Facebook pages invite you to the party. (more…)


Fresh Social Media Content Ideas for Architect Firms

November 15, 2012 4 Comments »

This morning I was at the Society for Design Administration, an affiliate of the American institute of Architects. A great group of people who, as one worded it are “responsible to take care of everything else going on at the architect firm.” Here is the presentation, it shows a structural approach to social media for architects.

Architects have interesting content for social media. They have a product that a lot of people want, but are not always able to afford it. However many people dream about building their own unique place. So great opportunity for social media content.

Pinterest Ideas for Architects

The questions in the room were mostly related to Pinterest.
Should they be using Pinterest? And how should they use Pinterest?

A few ideas that I shared were:

#1. Share your firm’s portfolio on Pinterest

Your audience can get to know your  firms work and get inspired with the work that you do.

#2. Your clients create a Pinterest board with their architecture inspiration & ideas

You can also have your clients create a Pinterest board of what features they want in their house, ideas of designs they accumulate. It’s much easier than pictures ripped out of magazines, a whole lot cheaper and better organized. You can have multiple people collaborate on a Pinterest board, so each person can add their pictures to it.

I am the co-founder of The Open School, a school that is opening in 2015, and currently in the pre-stages to build. We are very much in the design and idea collection phase, and have our own board to collect design ideas for the school.

Also when a client finds yet another picture, they can easily pin it to their Pinterest board, instead of bringing it to the next meeting, scan and email or anything like it. It’s always up-to-date.

#3. Categorize your firms portfolio into specific boards based on price, style, etc

Categorize your portfolio and ideas into boards based on location, demographic, style or budget. So people can browse and get ideas related to what fits them.

Some of my clients would be jealous of architects, a lot of people like cool houses. People will “like” it on Facebook, and frequently share it with friends. Use that to your benefit.

Get ideas at bigger Facebook communities that share architecture. Curate the ideas that work for your target audience and share them on your Facebook group.

If you want to hear our ideas to crank up your architects’ firms social media image, please fill out the form on the right and we will share fresh ideas for your social media presence!


How would you measure the ROI in social media?

November 8, 2012 4 Comments »

How would you measure the ROI in social media?

Photo credits: Mark Schaefer

Social Media is a communication tool, and its actually a word to describe a multitude of communication tools. So to discover the Return on Investment on Social Media, you have to look at each tool independently.

Not only that, you have to take a look at how you are using that tool.

Even replacing the word Social Media with the word Facebook does not make it into a question easily answered, as it depends on what you are doing with that communication tool (Facebook) and what you are trying to achieve.

When I work with customers in social media, we set a goal upfront. Usually this is lead generation/sales/drive traffic to stores and our points to measure are:

End goals:

  • Filled out forms (leads)
  • Sales (for e-commerce)
  • phone calls
  • sign ups for newsletters
  • Info specified by lead source and day/time
  • Number of people checking out products/services pages
  • Number of people to see the location/directions/opening hours page (local services companies, restaurants)

We measure this through our inhouse developed lead tracking system Hatch.

What we measure ‘in between’ to track if we are getting to the end goal (mentioning the most important ones regarding goal achievement):

  1. Number of conversations per social platform
  2. Depth of conversation (how many replies)
  3. How many people view the content
  4. How many people view the lead generating page (or app)
  5. Number of phone calls

Then we also analyze the audience who is consuming the content.
We use that information to check if that matches the potential leads we are getting and better suit the content to the audience that we want to get or is consuming it already.

For other great answers on the question: “How would you measure the ROI in social media?”, check out answers to this question on Quora.



Self Service Government: Getting Started with Social Media Tools & Strategy

November 8, 2012 2 Comments »

I got up early this morning.
After a short bike ride, for the first time I took the train to Los Angeles, cutting down on traffic and doing a last few edits to my presentation (you can’t do that in the car!).

The reputation of public transportation in LA is horrible, and I have gotten around by car for the first 5 years since I lived here. But after buying a bike last week, and with the idea that it’s a waste to go by myself in a minivan in traffic to LA, that I wanted to at least give the train a try.

In LA, together with Lisa StotelMyre we presented a 4 hour workshop on Self Service Government, Citizen Outreach & Social Media.

I’m very proud to be coming from a country with inspiring social media initiatives, and when I asked for examples of social media outreach by the Dutch government to Dutch Social Media Professionals on Facebook, I received great examples that are in the presentation. They are in Dutch unfortunately, if you’d like me to explain a few of the concepts, please reply to this thread or contact me personally.

Next to that, I am very excited to speak with people today who want to implement social media in their departments. Its a tough process, as social media is all about real time data, and immediate feedback, and not all departments within LA County are ready for that. I hope they will and I hope they can make it easier for the public to interact with government institutions to get things done quick and well taken care of.

For examples of projects that governments are implementing to become self-service, check out Lisa’s Self Service Government website.

What would you like your local government to do to make it easier to interact with them and get things taken care of?


Facebook Gifts: Marketing and the Celebratory Click

September 28, 2012 2 Comments »

Congratulations Facebook. You did it again.

With one click, users can now celebrate the milestones and achievements of friends and followers by sending real-time gifts. How? In partnering with a variety of vendors, including Starbucks, Gund, and Magnolia Bakery, Gifts allows users to buy actual presents for the people they care about, like teddy bears, chocolates and gift cards. The presents are then mailed to the recipient’s address.

The launch of Gifts has (at least momentarily) stifled the grumbles and murmurs from marketing execs who have been disillusioned by failed attempts at making money in the social media world. The new app is designed to appeal to both users and business savvy veterans looking to capitalize on the wave of progression Facebook currently surfs.

While this app is marketed as a social celebration for Facebook friends, the underlying theme is certainly clear: businesses can finally turn Facebook into dollars. With Gifts, Facebook lets companies and corporations fill-out applications which, if accepted, would enable the business’ product to be purchased by Facebook users. Indeed, this singular fact must have the business world knocking on Facebook’s door, regardless of the hour.

However, it is important to note that Gifts is not wholly new. The app was released to the public back in winter of 2007, and was shut down by summer of 2010. A Fluke? Maybe. But this Frankenstein-like resurrection of Gifts certainly has a better shot of existence in a world where buying products online has become the social norm.


Chick-Fil-A: “Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire”

August 1, 2012 15 Comments »

Chick-Fil-AIf you haven’t already heard, Chick-fil-a, a southern food chain known for its delicious chicken sandwiches and friendly atmosphere, has come under extreme criticism after CEO Dan Cathy stated his support for “traditional” marriage. Chick-fil-a, who closes down on Sundays in respect of its Christian principles, is now under heavy fire for their beliefs. In traditional times people would take to the street to protest companies out front of their establishments, but in today’s tech-savvy community people are taking to the likes of social media. People’s outcries on social media against Chick-fil-a have become the company’s worst nightmare. (more…)


Facebook Marketing Tips For Car Dealerships

June 25, 2012 4 Comments »

Car DealershipAs we all know, everyone and their mom has a Facebook page by now. Many car dealerships are also utilizing the popular social media site in order to promote their brand and stimulate sales. However, newcomers may be stumped when it comes to what sort of updates or photos to post. Here are a few tips.   (more…)


How to Create Compelling Facebook and Twitter Promos

May 23, 2012 2 Comments »

Promotions help to draw in more subscribers to both your Facebook and Twitter accounts. You want your promos to increase your “Likes” and “Followers” but you have to do this in a compelling way so that you don’t just get likes just to be ‘unliked’ soon after the promo is over.

There are people who join promo’s routinely without really caring for the product or the brand. You need to be able to weed out or at least minimise occurrences like that. (more…)