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How To Extend The Halo Effect Through A Brand Ambassador Program

January 23, 2014 9 Comments »

How to use bloggers for marketingWould you like to not just create a halo effect, but also keep it going for an entire year? In other words: How would you like to create a constant flow of new followers and customers?

Justin Bieber is so famous because he is constantly in the news. Had he been in the news once, he would have gotten some attention. But because he’s covered constantly and everywhere, he’s got millions of followers all over the world. Having content about you out there is extremely important, and if you can make it shareable and findable, then that’s the way to go. So, how do you do that?

Articles, social media, and blogs are the top three and most effective ways to create content that is both findable and shareable. In the post “Create a Halo Effect Through,” I wrote about the value of bloggers and how to get your brand or product onto the right blog and on their social media. So let’s see how to take this a step further and extend this reach to keep it going all year. You will not just get seen, found, and shared once, but all year long! (more…)


Create a Halo Effect for Your Brand Through the Power Of Bloggers

January 22, 2014 5 Comments »

How people find new brands to buyWhen working with bloggers, you create a halo effect. In other words, you are borrowing someone else’s fame and influence to reach a specific audience. It works with celebrities in the same way. If Justin Bieber wears Marc Jacobs, millions of girls are going to start buying Marc Jacobs. Translate this principle to bloggers: Take Dino Dogan, Ana Hoffman, Chris Voss – each of these bloggers is unique and has a loyal audience that loves them and looks up to them.

When a mom’s favorite blogger says the newest laundry detergent is the latest and greatest, and gives a specific reason as to why that is so, that mom is likely to try it out. If your laundry detergent then delivers on that promise made by the blogger, you, as a brand, made a new fan, and a new longterm customer.

The hot niche within the blogger community is the so called mommy bloggers. They write about a wide array of topics as long as they are of interest to moms (and let’s face it: that’s a lot!). Because of that, almost any brand will be successful in marketing their name through mommy bloggers. Moms are also the main decision makers as to how daily spending is allocated. They make most purchasing decisions in a household and they like trusted brands. Naturally, this is the biggest audience most brands want to reach.

Readers love to hear what the next thing is that these bloggers are going to share, and then they re-share it on social media. These bloggers are trusted journalists, they have credibility and readers love them and their content. Bloggers have turned into online celebrities themselves. A blogger vouching for a product or company can immediately get customers running to the store.

These bloggers get it.

They are trusted.

They are (like) friends.

They have the audience your brand wants to reach.

They have credibility. They are trusted. Readers trust recommendations from a friend more than any other form of marketing.

So how can your brand leverage bloggers?



Having A Dream: 8 Lessons Marketers Can Learn From Martin Luther King Jr.

January 15, 2014 6 Comments »


There is more to Martin Luther King Jr. Day than a day of rest. Here are 8 lessons marketers can learn from this famous man who gave one of the most famous speeches in world history. (more…)


Is Your Business Pulling a ‘Miley Cyrus’?

September 1, 2013 1 Comment »

Miley CyrusWhen you started your company up it had all the energy and fun and cuteness of an eleven-year-old girl. It had those sweet brown eyes and that adorable country twang. But now it seems like everyone cringes when you open your mouth. We’re all just waiting for your next bizarre move. It’s hard to decide where exactly you went wrong. But there were some signs your business may have ignored on the way to success and now you’re paying the price. Your company has become a Miley Cyrus and you want to know how to do some serious PR and get back to an image that you like. Luckily, we’re here to assist you in your transition. Miley, if you’re reading this, some of these tips might help you out, too. (more…)


How To Amplify Your Brand’s Reach Online

August 21, 2013 1 Comment »

How To Amplify Your Brand's Reach OnlineWhen you plan a meeting, you would not want your audience to look like this image, right? Well, when you plan a virtual audience, you wouldn’t want your audience to look like this either. So when you think of building your audience and amplifying your brand, you need to think of a good marketing plan to fill those real or virtual seats. In order to achieve this goal,  it is important to set attainable goals. It is equally important to have a strategic plan in place that will help you reach this goal. Seeing progress and results in a marketing campaign are the best signs of success. At Branding Personality, we work hard to keep track of our progress and are proud to see great outcomes throughout any campaign. (more…)


Distinguishing Paid, Owned, Earned, Traded, And Shared Media

June 27, 2013 No Comments »

Media PlacementsI came across this article on distinguishing different kinds of media placements on PR Daily. It is written by Parry Headrick, vice president of marketing and communications at Matter Communications. He shares some interesting insights on how you can push out your message through media and what options you have. With this guide, it becomes easier for you to know what sort of message goes to which outlets and departments within those outlets. It might also be a way for you to think of different avenues you can push your message out to the public. So without further ado, here is how you distinguish between paid, owned, earned, traded and shared media. (more…)


Are You Crisis-Prepared?

June 24, 2013 1 Comment »

Crisis CommunicationsAs a PRSA member, I recently got to attend a luncheon focused on crisis communications. This luncheon couldn’t have come at a more fitting time: Right after the Boston Marathon bombings and right when Disneyland had to shut down some of their major attractions. Not that you could compare a Disneyland ride closure to a marathon bombing. But being in Orange County right next to Disneyland, it’s an appropriate topic to talk about when it comes to a crisis, especially when the senior vice president of Disney’s marketing team is on the panel.

And consider what just happened in Bavaria, Germany. They had such devastating flooding, it was even all over the news here in the States. I recently read about BikeSherpa, a company planning bike trips for their customers in that area of Germany. They had just put together a whole Facebook marketing strategy, when the flood hit and they couldn’t implement any of it. So what do you do in these instances? (more…)