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What Your Blog Says About You

December 20, 2013 1 Comment »



With more and more customers buying online these days, it’s important that your online presence supports your brand’s image. You want consumers, employees, and competitors to all have the same image of your brand in order for it to be successful.

One of the most important platforms for communication is your company blog, and it is especially key when building a cohesive brand identity. In order to be consistent, pay attention to these six important factors when building your blog.



Effective Story Telling: It’s The Story That Makes The Difference

November 27, 2013 No Comments »

Effective Story Telling: It's The Story That Makes The DifferenceIf you have ever watched Shark Tank, you know how hard it is to create a product that will entice investors. A seasoned shark is unlikely to throw money at something that lacks mass appeal–unless the entrepreneur has a really good story.

Enter the Shackleton Banjo. Now banjos aren’t exactly a “must have” item for most people. But the Shackleton Banjo has a great story–one that may even pique the interest of the ogre-ish Kevin O’Leary. And this great story has made its creators, The Great British Banjo Company, one of Kickstarter’s biggest success stories ever.



Social Media Coaching On A Budget – Learn To Do It Right

November 11, 2013 3 Comments »

Do you try hard to be successful on social media but things are just not happening? You are not alone. Navigating social media sounds like an easy process, but it’s really hard work. In fact, it is such hard work that a whole industry has formed around it, with experts in every area and aspect. Social media is no longer a thing kids do to be entertained. It has evolved into hard business, generating millions in sales revenue every year, branding names among an audience that’s not easily reached through any other medium.

Avoid The Bad

When business growth and revenue crucially depend on your online and social media presence, you shouldn’t go this way alone, and you shouldn’t make mistakes. Mistakes are easily made, they are live immediately, and within one second, have reached an audience of possibly millions. Have someone take a screenshot of a tweet gone bad and your name might be tarnished for a long time.

Take this recent example. When the Los Angeles International Airport was recently in the news for an ongoing shooting, the City of Newport Beach’s Twitter account tweeted this:

Social Media Business Plan

Even though it was taken down very soon after it was tweeted, the immediate impact was devastating. The backlash was huge, people were quite upset about using a tragedy like that to market a destination (or any product for that matter). The backlash was, in fact, so big that the PR director who tweeted it, got fired. In today’s social media landscape, one must be extremely sensitive and aware of pitfalls and former faux-pas to know what not to do.

Grow Your Business Instead

Let’s forget about crisis for a minute and talk about sales and community growth. When you are on social media and you are not generating the results you want to see, you are wasting your time and money that you could have spent more wisely. How many hours have you spent last month on social media that you could have spent somewhere else more effectively? How much extra revenue, name recognition, and media mentions has it brought you? If you can’t answer these questions satisfactorily, it’s time to make a game plan change.

Here’s a great example of one of our clients. In February 2013, we started working with Goodwill of Orange County. Their social media numbers were dismal, their community was non-existent. Their goal was to go from 700 likes to 20,000 by the end of 2013. Our goal at Branding Personality was to get to those 20,000 likes and also to make those likes meaningful. This meant we wanted to create a community that would actively engage with the Facebook page, share posts and leave comments. When this happens and you get a new audience excited, you convert Facebook likes into new customers.

how to do social media right

We exceeded our goal. We hit the 20,000 likes in the end of October, two months before deadline, and our audience is actively engaged with an approximate 15% audience engagement rate at all times (that’s outstanding!). Sales have reflected the community growth accordingly.

Exceed Your Goals

Not only did we reach our goal, however; we actually brought Goodwill of Orange County from the bottom of about 200 Goodwill organizations nationally, to be the number 1 Goodwill! This is the kind of result everyone wants to see – so how did we do it?

Learn How

Branding Personality has created a membership-only coaching program to teach you just that. This program is designed for small to medium-sized businesses who do not have the budget to let us take over completely. This program is designed to teach an in-house person the basics of social media and walks members through strategic approaches and how to achieve goals, on a month by month basis.

This is a social media coaching program for businesses on a budget. With this program, you’ll learn how to do it right and receive the following:

  • Monthly webinars + Q&A (recordings archived and accessible through membership area)
  • Monthly meetups
  • Platform-specific recorded Social Media 101 webinars
  • Receive recordings of each webinar
  • Social Media Lead Tracking System with video tutorial
  • Social Media Lead Follow Up System with video tutorial
  • Receive instant social media leads by email
  • Analytics of all phone call leads that are generated through social media
  • Receive advice from Branding Personality’s social media experts
  • Daily social media checklist
  • Content calendar template
  • Receive weekly email updates
  • Special offers
  • Access to members’ community for questions, feedback, and support

You can read more about the program and how to become a member of the Social Media Success Training System here. Please feel free to leave a comment with your questions or suggestions.




Is Your Cloud-based App Competitive?

October 2, 2013 No Comments »

Phon_Vecul_Sale_2_3_[Converted]_copySince Cloud-based applications are plentiful pertaining to nearly every aspect of business, does your online app have what it takes to be competitive? Are you in direct competition with apps that offer similar services for free? It can be a difficult market to focus on in order to turn a profit for your development. With so many alternatives out there in the wild, you need to be somewhat inventive in order to make it worth your time and money to provide online services. How can you increase your reputation as a developer to cut a larger slice of this pie that is the Internet? (more…)


Is Your Business Pulling a ‘Miley Cyrus’?

September 1, 2013 1 Comment »

Miley CyrusWhen you started your company up it had all the energy and fun and cuteness of an eleven-year-old girl. It had those sweet brown eyes and that adorable country twang. But now it seems like everyone cringes when you open your mouth. We’re all just waiting for your next bizarre move. It’s hard to decide where exactly you went wrong. But there were some signs your business may have ignored on the way to success and now you’re paying the price. Your company has become a Miley Cyrus and you want to know how to do some serious PR and get back to an image that you like. Luckily, we’re here to assist you in your transition. Miley, if you’re reading this, some of these tips might help you out, too. (more…)


How To Amplify Your Brand’s Reach Online

August 21, 2013 1 Comment »

How To Amplify Your Brand's Reach OnlineWhen you plan a meeting, you would not want your audience to look like this image, right? Well, when you plan a virtual audience, you wouldn’t want your audience to look like this either. So when you think of building your audience and amplifying your brand, you need to think of a good marketing plan to fill those real or virtual seats. In order to achieve this goal,  it is important to set attainable goals. It is equally important to have a strategic plan in place that will help you reach this goal. Seeing progress and results in a marketing campaign are the best signs of success. At Branding Personality, we work hard to keep track of our progress and are proud to see great outcomes throughout any campaign. (more…)


Why You Can No Longer Ignore Google+

August 2, 2013 4 Comments »

Google+I recently read an article on why you can no longer ignore Google+ and I think it’s well worth sharing some important points. The discussion around whether Google+ can be ignored has caused some heated arguments and people have differing opinions on the validity of this particular social media platform, and whether it is really necessary to be on it. So let’s discuss this from a marketing standpoint and let’s see what your opinion is. (more…)


How To Create A Community Around Your Blog

July 25, 2013 1 Comment »

5428414543_d444592b7cThe success of your blog is often synonymous with your reputation in social media. Building a community is what each of us seeks to do these days. Your community-building goals differ from your blogging goals. In other words: A business blog has goals, which are different from those of a personal blog. Building an audience or a community is the requirement that all such goals have in common. Here we’ll shed some light on several techniques to help you build your community and stay in touch with your audience. (more…)


How To Brand Your Business Through LinkedIn (Part 4)

July 15, 2013 No Comments »

LinkedInWe have come a long way in this series about LinkedIn and good content to gain a branding edge. Part 1 talked about the different properties to get your content seen on LinkendIn in order to get a competitive advantage. Part 2 discussed more specific tools and possibilities for marketers to take advantage of LinkedIn in order to brand themselves, and through that, their company. In Part 3, we’ve discovered how a brand can ensure that its content gets seen by its audience. Now in the final part, we’re going to take a closer look at original content and curating content. (more…)


How To Brand Your Business Through LinkedIn (Part 3)

July 11, 2013 No Comments »

LinkedInPart 1 of this LinkedIn series talked about the different properties to get your content seen on LinkedIn in order to get a branding edge. Part 2 discussed more specific tools and possibilities for marketers to take advantage of at LinkedIn in order to brand themselves, and through that, their company. In this part, we’ll discover how a brand can ensure that its content gets seen by its audience.

Let’s first look at how to maximize your content. How can you write the best content you can write? Dan Roth, the executive editor at LinkedIn, offers a 3-step approach. (more…)