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Can You Go Viral?

If it were only this easy…

Viral videos attract all sorts of viewers: marketers and advertisers, small businesses and conglomerates, the every day YouTube fanatic who cascades from one viral video to the next with the repetition of a woodpecker. Sure, viral content can also come in the form of web pages, e-books and images, but viral videos garner the most acclaim in the shortest amount of time.

Why? Because viral videos are effortlessly appealing. And they are funny.

The widest misconception about viral videos is that they can be produced in a simlar fashion as movies or television shows. Hire a famous director and slap his name on the YouTube video and call it viral…yes? No. Not even close. Viral videos take a whole lot a luck and a pocket-full of perfect timing. You cannot plan on going viral- it’s flukey, has a short attention span and covers the gamut from hilarious to gruesome. Viral is a term so loosely thrown around in social media settings that most of the world has their own idea on how it should be defined.

We have compiled a short list of successful viral videos for you to view. You will quickly notice that they are all comedic, which is important to note, because comedy is certainly a vital component of viral videos. Watch them, examine the content, and let us know if you think you can replicate the random and often incoherent success of videos that, on the whole, would have no bedroom in the hotel of human intellect.

David After Dentist


Denver the Dog

Numa Numa

Leave Britney Alone

Star Wars Kid

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2 Responses to “Can You Go Viral?”

  1. Jay-

    You make an extremely valid point…going viral does not measure the success of a company or its social media campaign. Quality is the key when it comes to content, and viral videos tend to trivialize the whole social experience. Indeed, viral, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Thanks for the great comment.

  2. Great observation and one that many miss. I just came up with a question to use now every time I am asked that question “How can we make this go viral?”

    “Would you trade a viral video that received a lot of views but drove no meaningful results for your current objectives for a video that met you goals and objectives this quarter/this year?”

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