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Branding Personality's AdWords Giveaway -

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Branding Personality’s AdWords Giveaway

Hey there Branding Personality fans! We’d like to announce that we are hosting a contest that will be running for the next two weeks! We will be handing out $100 Google AdWords gift cards to those of you, whom we feel best answers the following question:

Share an example of how social media has helped you to grow your business. We would love to hear examples of the social media platforms you’ve used as well as how you’ve used them to benefit your business specifically.

Let us know and you could win a $100 Google AdWords gift card, courtesy of Branding Personality.

To submit your response, simply just comment on this blog post!  The most creative entries will get major Points!! 🙂

We will be selecting winners on September 2nd so get your responses in beforehand!

Good luck and we’re looking forward to your responses!!

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2 Responses to “Branding Personality’s AdWords Giveaway”

  1. Social Media has helped our business tremendously. To date we have not spent any money on advertising our website it has been all word of mouth and social media that has gotten us to the 400+ unique visitors a day (average) we now reach.
    Facebook and twitter are used daily to promote the various events and specials going on in the city that you’ll find listed on our website.
    When we did our Easter Egg Hunt for adults in April we used FB and Twitter to alert people when a new hint was up for the scavenger hunt.
    Our Mother’s Day giveaway used Facebook primarily, letting entrants post photos to our Facebook page and then recruit friends and family to “Like” the photo in order to win.
    Going forward we’ve started using Foursquare to leave tips at locations so that people checking in can see what kind of specials and promotions a specific place has on different nights of the week.

  2. Did you announce the winner and we missed it?

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