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Next up! Social Media Strategies for Auto Dealerships

Next Up: Essential Social Media Strategies for Auto Dealerships

Written by Kathi Kruse and Marieke Hensel

Auto Dealers are missing the many opportunities to increase sales and sustain their online reputations. By sharing our Social Media expertise, combined with our 30 years of experience in the car business, we hope to ease your anxiety about this new medium and bring you valuable tips to promote your store online. And, in case you don’t have time to do it all – we hope you’ll keep us in mind.

Published in 2010

Download Next Up! here

Social Media Strategies for Your Restaurant Business

Social Media Strategies for Restaurants - Book
Written by Marieke Hensel

Restaurants miss the many opportunities to promote their business online. By sharing our experience and knowledge, we hope to bring you value; and in case you do not have time to do it all, we hope you will keep us in mind.

Published in 2009

Download Social Media for Restaurants.

BusinessWise (2007)

Words of Wisdom for Small Businesses with Big Ambitions
BusinessWise-Cover book
Written by Marieke Hensel and other authors

If you are starting a business, or considering doing so, BusinessWise is the book for you. A collaboration amongst over 20 business experts, this book looks at the whole process of setting up a new business with success in mind. It covers a wide range of topics including business set up and vision, marketing (including online marketing), selling, finance, working in and managing teams, working from home and beating procrastination, networking internationally, getting the right message out in the right language, health and fitness and collaboration.

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