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Blogging Concentrated: Learn How To Monetize Your Blog Right

Blogging ConcentratedCoWork+Play is hosting a Blogging Concentrated workshop on Saturday, November 2, 2013. This is great news because that’s where bloggers learn how to really monetize their blogs. If you’re a blogger with an already established audience, you already know how to blog, and you’re ready to make some serious money, then this workshop is a great option for you. It’s a full-day workshop, so be prepared to learn a lot!

Who’s Teaching?

The workshop is hosted by Melissa Earl, blogger at Living a Frugal Life, and led by Dan Morris, the mind behind Common Sense Revenue. Dan has been using online tools to drive revenue since 2008. He spends his time working with bloggers to increase their revenue, improve their quality of life and time with family (without revenue loss), reduce their economic dependency on one source, and help them create a business that’s both scalable and leveraged.

Blogging Concentrated

What You Will Learn

Here is an exhaustive list of topics Dan plans to cover – but be prepared to add your own topic. Blogging Concentrated is a collaborative effort and focuses on the topics participants want to learn most about. The group as a whole decides where to begin on the topics. If you have questions, bring them and they’ll be answered. The only goal is that we help YOU be able to take the next steps.

  • When SEO is useless
  • Blow up your photo, image and video traffic
  • Anatomy of a Perfect Post
  • How to sell services online – the customer funnel
  • Creating content your readers really want
  • Ebook Strategy: Pricing, Empire building, and where
  • Contacting the Media and Brands
  • Why and When to do Keyword Research
  • How to build a revenue stream, then grow it through measurement
  • Google +, Google Authorship and Publisher Rules
  • How to take advantage of all that a blogging network has to offer
  • Rebranding? How to do it without losing fans.
  • How to get multiple pages ranked for one keyword
  • Pinterest, YouTube, Bing and Press Release SEO
  • What can you learn about your site from Pinterest
  • Setting up YouTube to create fans
  • How to move a Page 2 post to Page 1
  • Branding isn’t about logos – It’s about consistency
  • Getting Pages Indexed
  • Which 20% of our efforts are creating 80% of our revenue
  • Using Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to increase revenue
  • How internal site structure affects SEO, Page Views, Likes and Fans
  • The good, bad and how of automation
  • Which sites WordPress should Ping
  • Categories, Tags, Pages, Posts, Descriptions and Permalink Structure
  • Titles, Descriptions, Meta tags, Keyword concentration


I want to go!

If this sounds interesting to you personally, or you’d like to send someone from within your organization, please RSVP here and sign up on the website (buying your ticket through the website is required to attend). Only 35 seats are available and cost is $139. Remember that this is an all-day event, so you’re getting a really good deal – don’t miss out! I’ll see you there!

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