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Alternatives to Google Analytics – Can Any of These Free Web Tools Compete?

Google AnalyticsLaunched back in 2005, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Google Analytics was the ‘daddy’ of web monitoring tools. A popular choice with online marketers and website owners the world over, Google Analytics generates powerful, accurate and detailed statistics about your websites visitors.

With 57% of the world’s 10,000 most popular websites tracking their online success with GA, it would seem like the obvious choice for marketers of all abilities. But is it?

  • Some website owners don’t like the ‘all-seeing’ aspect of Google and prefer to keep their websites statistics quiet
  • GA’s interface has often been criticised for being complicated and hard to understand
  • GA can’t track how long people stay on your site unless they move to a second page
  • If you happen to be practicing black-hat SEO (search engine optimisation), Google can crack down on your site

If you’re looking for a change from GA, or you’re just starting out, here we are two free alternatives to Google Analytics to consider:


Piwik is a free, downloadable web analytics software programme and a great alternative to Google Analytics. According to its website, over 320,000 websites already use the PHP MySQL programme proving just how successful it is.

Piwik was the first analytics tool to track your website in real-time. This means that you can see just how many people are using your website at any one time. You can create goals, track your conversion rates and keep an on your competitors.

What’s more, Piwik features an extremely user-friendly interface and fully customisable dashboard. This makes it a great alternative to the often complicated Google Analytics.


Clicky is the ideal analytics tool for marketers on the move. With its iPhone and iPad apps, you can track and monitor your websites from anywhere. Clicky will notify you when you exceed certain triggers too, such as over 1,000 website visitors a day.

Like GA and Piwik, Clicky boasts free and paid-for versions making it a great choice whether you’re a  home-based businesses or a seo company. Clicky is also often praised for its comprehensive results, and simplified interface.

Open Web Analytics

Available as both a WordPress PlugIn and self-hosted solution, Open Web Analytics is a free tool that can help you track multiple websites. OWA’s interface is reminiscent of an old Google Analytics interface, making the transition fairly easy for marketers making a change.

Some of the great features of OWA include its heatmaps and mouse-tracking – all in real-time. However, unlike the other alternatives, you can’t track your bounce rates or the time visitors spend on your site.

No matter whether you’re running an ecommerce, business or recreational website; web monitoring and tracking is a vital part of your online marketing strategy. Each of the web tools on the market offers something different, so there is always going to be a solution that is perfect for your website. The beauty of these Google Analytics alternatives is that they are free, meaning you’re free to try them out.

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7 Responses to “Alternatives to Google Analytics – Can Any of These Free Web Tools Compete?”

  1. Eric says:

    Clicky is not really FREE, but they do offer a free tier.

    Another tool you can use to fill the gap of Google Analytic on in-page activity tracking and user behavior tracking, you can check out skyglue.com

  2. Chiel says:

    Interesting list,

    also consider (http://www.logaholic.com) as a good alternative.

  3. Oliver says:

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