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8 Reasons Why Guest Posting Is An Advantage

Guest BloggingWriting is a passion for many (like yours truly!). It’s a hobby that crosses back and forth from the personal zone to the realms of professionalism. The trend of micro blogging is as old as Web 2.0. Writers with an opinion to share, find it a very convenient and hassle free to voice them.

As time has elapsed and blog posts have gained popularity through their various topics and discussions (read comments), Savvy marketers saw this as a great opportunity and jumped aboard the bandwagon. At the same time search engines had changed their algorithms in a manner wherein importance was given to updates. Thus, staying in the news was a useful way of ranking on the SERPs. What better way, than to write meaningful subject matter that readers find relevant enough to share with their fellow peers.

Bloggers as well as small business enterprises who had some web presence found it to their advantage to allow other bloggers to write about subject matter that catered to their niche audiences. For bloggers it was a welcome respite when they allowed other writers to voice an opinion with a different perspective on the same topic. This enabled the readers a 360 degree perspective thus leading to further discussion and shares.

A cycle of sharing and writing was created which in the internet terms means quality link juice that search engines take into consideration thus contributing to it figuring still higher on SERPs. And so the cycle continues.

What is Guest Posting?

Simply put, Guest posting means writing articles or blog posts for other websites. There are innumerable websites that require authentic and originally written posts on topics which are relevant to their website. At the same time the guest writer might have a website that has some relevance to the blogging site, thus allowing for a mutual benefit. Blogging site permits for back links in the author’s bio to ensure that the writer is an authentic one and at the same time the links ensure that the guest blogger can take advantage of the traffic that the blogging site attracts.

For instance an e-commerce website that offers high end kitchen appliances would love blog posts on categories such as cooking using their appliances, recipes for diet conscious persons, baking, restaurants that offer different cuisine, recipes as per the season etc. This will help the site to attract potential customers who are searching for the keywords listed within the topic.

8 Advantages Of Guest Posting

A detailed discussion on how guest posts are advantageous for the guest bloggers and the blog site is presented here:

1. Establish Authority

Quality of blog posts is of great importance for making a website popular and relevant. By encouraging well written and authoritative blog posts and articles, a website stands to establish itself as an authority on the subject. The search bots love sites that have authentic information to offer. The guest blogger benefits from posting on sites that promote authentic articles by way of exposure to the readers of a niche category who are genuinely looking for information. Thus the guest blogger establishes His/Her authority as a quality writer.

2. More Link Juice

A website is of no use if it does not earn a single dime. It’s a fact that no one can afford to ignore. Hosting a website entails utilizing resources – time, efforts as well as money. Why waste the efforts? By guest posting you will earn not only money, but will also figure on the higher pages of the search engine results.

How? Well, one of the many criteria for search engines is the quality of links that point towards a website. These are called off page links. The more links you have from relevant websites that point towards your site, the greater your chances are in making it to the the top ten or so list on the search results page. By guest posting on websites that are related to or are similar to your website you are increasing the level of ranking via quality back links.

3. Improves Writing Skills

There are great writers and then there are Great Writers. No one is perfect in writing great stuff from the go. Great writers have one thing in common. They practiced to arrive at their masterpiece. Write and blog about topics that really interest you and have a genuine readership. By combining these magical ingredients, you will certainly succeed in creating a niche readership. Blogging sites are always on the lookout for genuine and authoritatively written articles. Your writing skills will ensure them legitimate traffic thus improving their rankings and traffic conversion ratio. Hence, practice and practice even more.

4. Social Networking Benefits

In the Web 2.0 age, it is only logical to link your content and become part of the ‘inner circle’. Guest posts are shared by readers and discussed about on a variety of social networking sites and forums. This allows a writer to understand different perspectives on the same subject thus adding to his/her knowledge base which in turn makes him/her a better writer.

5. Website Financer

Though making only money is frowned upon by the blogging community, it is beneficial if you are paid for writing authentic guest blogs, directly or indirectly. Writing guest blogs should be mutually beneficial. As mentioned earlier, hosting site costs money. An e-commerce blog is based on the profitability module; it makes no sense for it to not earn money! Of course, by encouraging guest blogging a site offers a quality value added service to its audiences. But if the audiences do not convert, the website might as well shut down and save upon the resources or put them to more profitable uses.

For the guest blogger, writing for websites that are based on profitability would mean earning a steady income to run the site he/she hosts. It also attracts potential customers if it is a site that offers complementary products to the blogging site it has guest posted on. E.g. A guest blogger whose site caters to servicing of electronic items would benefit by writing about How to Keep Your Air Conditioners in Working Order during Summer and posting it on an e-commerce site that sells air conditioners!

6. Branding

Guest Posting is a great way of building your own brand name. You have the idea. You have the content. You just  have no way of telling others about it. Guest posting will ensure that you share your ideas with readers who are genuinely interested in the information you have to offer. Your niche writing establishes you as a brand. Many websites publish the author’s picture to lend authenticity to the posts. Thus you have the guest blogger as a brand by itself!

7. Encourages Reciprocal Writing

A community of writers is born due to guest blogging. A guest blogger more or less gives another blogger a break by writing on his/her blog! It helps to offer a different perspective to the bloggers site. And a long term relation is established which in future would mean that the blogger would be more than happy to offer you his/her guest post.

8. Awareness

For people, who feel sour at the mention of ‘money’, we have a reason to make you smile – guest blogging is also not about only making money. It is also about making readers aware about various issues that affect them in real life. Many web revolutions have been spawned due to heartfelt write ups written by bloggers only with the intention of creating awareness.

Guest posting is an excellent means of communicating with the right people for the right reasons. Its advantages cannot be ignored by a writer/blogger. It offers budding writers an opportunity to express themselves via guest blogs which otherwise they would not have a chance to do so. It encourages good writers to voice their opinions on various subject matters to kick start a healthy discussion. Authority writers cannot ignore guest posting as it allows them a chance to increase their brand awareness and reaching out to the ever growing community of internet users.

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143 Responses to “8 Reasons Why Guest Posting Is An Advantage”

  1. Very good points. I also love the opportunity to step outside my niches and write about something else. I always try to bring it back to one of my blogs.


    • Completely agree with you Kimberly, the point made by you should be common with most of the bloggers and blog readers. I am glad that this class of discussion takes place here. Will share this blog with my friends.

    • BestoSEO.com says:

      Hello Kimberly, Nice though!
      But i strongly feel if you are more frequent into guest posting, you don’t need to do any other SEO activities since this itself is a major step for bring more traffic to your website.

    • Hello dear, also 8 points are important for all but I loved 3 points more. 1st, Establish Authority. 2nd, More Link Juice, and 3rd, Website Financer. However, there is introduced a good point. So I thanked you again for writing about the guest post advantage.

  2. Piyush Shaw says:

    It helps to share your views with all the interesting people, also help to connect with the others people with branding, social networking, site url linking and many more..

    • Hello dear, also 8 points are important for all but I loved 3 points more. 1st, Establish Authority. 2nd, More Link Juice, and 3rd, Website Financer. However, there is introduced a good point. So I thanked you again for writing about the guest post advantage.

  3. Amit Verma says:

    WOW 🙂 Such a great post with so much to learn from the topic and the points that mentioned here. Awesome yes we should also do guest blogging that will surely help us in writing skills and building great connections. Thanks a lot dear for your valuable info. Keep Rocking and Keep Smiling ((Hugs))

    • Nadia says:

      I highly recommend this site oisecretblog.com

  4. I have to say that there’s one point I’m going to slightly disagree with and one point that I’m glad you didn’t put down that many have.

    The one I slightly disagree with is the first one. I tend to believe that one establishes authority in their own space. You might be able to spread some of that authority around elsewhere but when all is said and done, the volume of your own work on your own site is where you establish your greatest authority; at least it needs to be.

    The one I’m glad you didn’t mention is that you will increase traffic by guest posting. Based on experiments I’ve done I found that not to be the case at all. People might love what you wrote but the belief that they’ll follow you back to your space in droves is a fallacy. Strangely enough, people are much more likely to follow you back to your space if they get used to seeing your name over and over by commenting on blogs that they happen to visit.

    Great stuff here; folks could learn a lot from it.

  5. Jeff Ogden says:

    I get approached frequently by people who want to write guest posts for Fearless Competitor. I always tell them the same thing. If you write great posts, you are welcome to do so.

    My blog http://www.fearlesscompetitor.com is also in broad syndication, which is also a blogging best practice.

  6. Zoe says:

    I can certainly see now why I come across some really interesting and high powered guest posts on blogs! These 8 points really capture what is behind this synergy between guest post bloggers and the site bloggers! Thanks Robert for sharing these reasons with us! Going to implement this startegy for our new on-site blog!

  7. Curtez Riggs says:

    Good post, I was just searching for guestblogging opportunities and ran across this post. Guest posting allows me to expand my brand and places my views in front of like minded readers.

  8. You could have heard about guest posting and you might wonder why many bloggers, freelancers and even designers are into it. Guest posting is one effective way of promoting yourself and your website. It is a widespread practice nowadays for it could help increase traffic and gives you free publicity!

  9. Nice write up Robert!

    I especially like point #8. “It is not about money but to create awareness !!”

    Very well “said”!

    Thanks for the useful article!

  10. Sara says:

    Excellent article on guest blogging!

  11. Great article. I especially like how you mentioned the advantage of “becoming an authority.” If someone is the most knowledgeable person in the world, but only blogs on their own site, no one will know about them. Great, concise article. Thanks! -Deborah

  12. SEO Services says:

    Guest blogging is a great way to garner attention by some sort of chain reaction…. many people flock to a good site and if there’s a guest blog out there, 100 % chance is there that traffic will land up in your site…

  13. Abhiram Pathak says:

    a great article with so much information to learn from the topic and the points
    that you mentioned here. I was just searching for guest blogging opportunities
    and ran across this post. I always try to bring it back to one of my blogs.

  14. Great advantages you have shared with us. Thanks buddy for informing guest posting benefits..


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    with a good shampoo and conditioner

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    prayer, and weeding.

    Weeding is a process of emptying

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    the ugly of the day,

    and by simply going to bed without

    a stress in the world..

    Reading a novel or book just

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    and dreams when

    you awake in the morning…

    It’s always important

    as a woman to have self-confidence,

    and one can

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    by getting a part time

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    or helping

    out at an old age home…I always

    say that recreation

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    if you DO NOT have mother qualities…

    Yes, if you

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    Outer beauty for

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    Once you have built the self respect

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    that repel

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