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7 Must Do Tips to Increase Views On Your YouTube Videos

YouTube On iPhone30% of videos on YouTube gets less than 100 views. To create a Massive Surge in Traffic to your video’s use these 7 steps to increase the number of views and make sure your viewers are coming back for more.

1.  Reach out to your YouTube Community

There are a few different ways of going about this, and I recommend that you try them all. For starters, reach out to your YouTube community first. Send them all a message about your new video and ask them to check it out, like it, and comment on it.

2.  Send an Email Update about your Latest Video

Email it! Break out your email list and start cranking out some emails. If you have ever sent out any sort of marketing related content or newsletter, chances are you have acquired a number of email addresses. Write a short email that highlights your new video and provide them with the video.

3.  Share your Video on Social Media

Herbert George Ponting and telephoto apparatus, Antarctica, January 1912
Share it! Share your video on all of your social media profiles. Post your video on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Etc. Try to get as many comments and likes so that it will show up in friends of friends news feeds.

4.  Embed your Video on your Blog

Embed your Video! Write a short blog post and embed the video into the post. This is also great for Search Engine Optimization, which helps to get more views! Include the same strong-targeted keywords you used to describe and tag your video to get your video to the top of Google’s search results as well as YouTube’s. Another great place to embed your videos are on other social sites. A few examples of this would include being a guest blogger and embedding your video in your post, embed your video in a comment section, forums, and even Facebook profiles and pages. This brings me to my next point, which is:

5.  Add your Video to Social Bookmarking Sites

Social Bookmarking sites work wonders for increasing traffic. Sites like Stumbleupon, Digg, Delicious, Reddit, and plenty of others. Embed your videos into a blog post, it is much easier to share it by bookmarking the blog post on a social bookmarking site. There are a number of ways to do this, you can either individually share them to each site or you can use OnlyWire which saves you ample time and will send off your blog post to all of your social bookmarking sites at once. I also recommend that you socially bookmark your actual YouTube channel, so that those who come across it can watch all of the videos that you have posted, and it will generate more traffic to your channel.

6.  Annotations, Annotations, Annotations

That’s right, I had to say it three times because that is how important it is. To be effective you need to use annotations in your video. Make sure that your annotations are not overwhelming and intrusive, when they become intrusive to a viewer, they are useless and may even cause your viewer to leave before the end of the video. To help make sure this doesn’t happen it is a good idea to keep them out of the middle and off to the corners or bottom. Make them big enough to notice but not to big to take attention away from the video itself. Show annotations only for a few seconds and then have it disappear. In order to make sure you get your point across it is good to have them in the beginning, middle, and end of your videos.

In order to be affective though, you need to present your viewer with a Call to Action, such as “Like this Video”, “Subscribe to this Channel”, and “Leave a Comment Below.” This alone will not make people do what you say, you still need to present your audience with an action and a reason. For example, if you want someone to leave a comment, say something like “ Leave a comment below, because this video has inspired you.” The word because is so strong in this sense because it gives a reason to their action. Studies have show that if you use an action and reason statement, 50% more people will do as you say based on the reason you give them. Create a call to action that provides a touching reason to get your viewers to do what you want.

7.   Promote Your Video!

Don’t be afraid to spend a few $$ to get your video more views. Secure a top spot on YouTube by promoting your video on YouTube. If you do your research and you don’t have a ridiculously popular keyword it will not cost much. If someone searches for those keywords or keywords that are closely related to your video, your video will be shown on the top of the featured video section along the right side of the page. This will guarantee you will get more views. YouTube has done a great job in developing this service and I have seen it work for the numerous clients we work with. If you don’t believe me, take a look on the right side the next time you’re on YouTube and see how many views the average video there has. If that doesn’t explain it I don’t think anything else will.


This is just the tip of the iceberg of the knowledge we have on Video Marketing. If you want to get started with a video marketing campaign and you aren’t sure where to start, make sure to fill out the form in the top right part of the page or give us a ring at 1-877-747-3263 to get started on the path to Video Marketing Success! If you have any comments, questions about  today’s blog post, please feel free to leave a comment below. We’ll be sure to respond to them accordingly!

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13 Responses to “7 Must Do Tips to Increase Views On Your YouTube Videos”

  1. Yinka olaito says:

    really instructive. lots to learn. The last point really strikes, we normally do not want to spend money to promote. That may be essential sometimes. Thanks

  2. Michael Shepherd says:

    Excellent primer. Now, as Nike likes to say, “Just Do It!.”

  3. Ileane says:

    Hi Robert, I’m using all of these techniques and they are really helpful. A great deal of my videos have over 100 views now so I don’t feel too bad, but of course I’d like to reach 100,000 🙂 One point about the annotations, I don’t advise putting them on the bottom because YouTube will show “Call to action Overlay” ads on your vids that will hide the annotation.

  4. Clive Roach ( says:

    A very good clear post. Very useful indeed

  5. I thought it best to grow views organically, and now your post gives me reasons to think otherwise. I’m bookmarking this and going to try the tips throughout Q1 2012. Let’s see how well the views take off. I’m pretty sure they will. Thanks for the article.

  6. Murali Sundeep says:

    Excellent Tips!!.Take a look at http://www.increaseviews.video to increase the Youtube views.

  7. Rajesh Kumar says:

    Really nice post buddy very clear and useful content. Keep on rocking.

  8. Tvpromosclip says:

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  9. Mary Grace Faulkerson says:

    Thank you for sharing such helpful tips.

  10. Jenny Roberts says:

    Wow!! It is really helpful, thank you so much for sharing it!

  11. Austin brown says:

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  12. Mikaela Pierre says:

    Wow! You’ve only given 7 tips but its very precise and informative. Very helpful indeed! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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