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5 Tips For Google AdWords Beginners -

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5 Tips For Google AdWords Beginners

Google-AdwordsGoogle Adwords is important for businesses who want to gain exposure for their company. Google Adwords can be simple if business owners stick to the basics. Here are five tips to help business owners and marketing managers maximize the effectiveness of Google Adwords:

1. Steer Clear of Broad Matching

Novices are instructed to steer clear of broad matching. Broad matching includes search terms such as “tennis shoes.” If this phrase is included in the keyword list, the ad will appear for every instance of “tennis” and “shoes.”

This is not an effective use of keyword. People interested in tennis may need “tennis shoes,” but most people who searched for the word “tennis” would be interested in the game and not the shoes. Thus, the company may receive clicks from people who are only casually interested.

“Shoes” is also a broad term. A person searching for shoes could be in search of any type of shoe and not just “tennis shoes.” This could lead to wasted marketing dollars.

As the novice becomes more advanced, he or she can use broad matching. In the beginning, the use of broad matching is confusing and does not allow novices to determine how Google Adwords is truly meant to be used.

2. Use Global Negatives to Make the Campaign More Targeted

Global negatives allow advertisers to select words that they do not want associated with their advertisements. For instance, if a surfer types in “free tennis shoes,” the advertiser can tell the algorithm not to display the advertisement. Why? Because a person looking for free merchandise is less likely to purchase items. A click from a surfer looking for free merchandise would be a waste of money.

Advertisers often use global negatives with broad matching to prevent search engines from matching their advertisement for “tennis shoes” with searches for “tennis.” Broad matching is more effective when combined with global negatives.

3. Disable Content Targeting and Search Network

Novices should disable this function until they learn more about it. Content targeting matches advertisements based on the content in the blog or on the website. Conversion rates and click through rates change dramatically for each search property. This is different from keyword matching. Master keyword matching first and then, move on to content targeting.

4. Avoid Bidding Wars

Bidding wars can become costly. Every business wants the number one position, but the position comes at a price. A good strategy for novices may be to accept the number two position and use the click-through rate to edge out competitors.

Eventually, your advertisement will have the number one position for the number two price. This saves the company money. If the company is using automated bidding software, it is almost impossible to compete it unless your company invests in some software also.

5. Organize Campaigns into AdGroups

Most ad groups feature specialized groups for the products your company is selling. If your company sells running shoes, an ad group should be created for each running shoe type. For instance, an ad group should be created for “Nike” and each specific “Nike” running shoe model.

About the Author:

John is an Online Marketing Manager from Melbourne, Australia. He provides some of highest quality Google AdWords and Analytics services to Australia’s largest businesses. Away from work, John likes to drive his Ferrari and spend time with his young family.

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8 Responses to “5 Tips For Google AdWords Beginners”

  1. Hi John,

    Great, informative post!

    Ad groups always confused me – I ran some Adwords ads a while back, but never optimized my groups well.

    This is a great quick start guide – I see where I went wrong!


  2. Robert says:

    This is an excellent post. I am helping several companies improve their businesses by being found by using organic seo – thus cutting back on their spend with Google. I am hoping the new Yahoo Bing partnership provides some interesting traction so that consumers get more options in the market.

  3. Mike Mack says:

    Robert, Good article, but while for beginners, I was not able to connect at all with the advice. I guess I’m somewhere in the before beginner stage. Perhaps a link at the beginning or end of the article describing what AsWords is and how to get started with it would be helpful. Thanks!

  4. Kimsea says:

    thanks for sharing! I just new to Adword. A week ago I tried Adword because I hear that I will get traffic and earn from Adsense back. But unfortunately, I spend much more money than I earn. Anyway, Thanks for make me sense about Adword CPC.

  5. Jenifier says:

    If you want to run your AdWords campaign effectively then you should use different keyword match types. Choose the keywords which you want to trigger on your ad by using the AdWords tool. Remember that you should keep testing and optimizing your AdWords campaign as with every click you get money. For more information related to Google AdWords you can visit http://www.dpfoc.com/blog/does-adwords-really-work this link.

  6. Sarmista Aun says:

    Hi Robert,
    I do agree with you. The use of negative keywords is really helpful for stopping your advertising dollars from being wasted.

  7. yabeen says:

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