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5 Things that Block You from Converting Your Subscribers into Customers -

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5 Things that Block You from Converting Your Subscribers into Customers

List building is a great way to promote your affiliate products. Attracting subscribers is the first step. But, the next step that you need to do is to convert your subscribers into customers. In order to effectively convert your subscribers into customers, you have to avoid the things that can make your subscribers want to leave your list immediately. Here are 5 things that block you from converting your subscribers into customers:

1. You Provide the Same Old, Same Old

Of course, if you’re giving your subscribers information that is already outdated, your subscribers may no longer be interested in your email list. Often, they will hit unsubscribe link less than a week after they subscribed to your mailing list. Why giving your subscribers the same old information? Why not giving them new and interesting updates related to your niche? It will interest them more, and they will also become more enthusiastic to follow your recommendation.

2. Your Content is Mostly PLR

There are some lazy marketers out there. Those lazy marketers only use PLR content for each promotion they do, including email marketing. If you keep giving your subscribers with PLR content, how can you expect to succeed with your list? Your subscribers may already read your content elsewhere, since it is PLR content. And the quality of PLR content is usually below standard. So, do you want to give your subscribers low quality materials? It won’t help you to convert them at all.

3. You Promote Your Products Like Spam Marketers

You need to have some ethics in promoting your products to your list. At least, you have to know that most people don’t like being forced to buy something. Thus, after knowing this, you should start to prepare a promotion strategy that is not forceful, yet effective. Giving full content that will help them to solve their problem is the first step. After that, you can insert a little product promotion in your content. Then, you can give them discounts and special deals to encourage them to buy your product. Do not promote your product like spam marketers, which only add links upon links of affiliate products in their email, without giving any real content.

4. You Don’t Care About Your Subscribers

Do you care about your subscribers? Or, do you care only about yourself? If you care about your subscribers, you should give them satisfaction for subscribing to your list. Give what they want to hear from you. Give advice, tips, and suggestions that will really help your subscribers to achieve their goal or to solve their problem. If you don’t care about your subscribers and only care about yourself, your subscribers will leave you and you cannot build a healthy communication with them.

5. You Never Interact With Them

Make your emails full of interaction with your subscribers. Although you’re not directly communicate with your subscribers, at least make your emails friendly and personal. It is better for you to interact with them personally. Respond to their questions, and ask them what they need from you. If you establish good communication with them, they will be more willing to follow your suggestions.

Those are 5 things that will block you from converting your subscribers into customers. So, avoid those things if you want to increase your conversion rate in your email marketing.

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