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5 SEO Tips to Get Higher Rankings

Search Engine Optimization, a big scary phrase that frightens a lot of business owners who are new to expansion through the Internet. For most, they barely understand what it means, let alone know how to do it. Well don’t fret; we’ve got some really easy tips that can get your page ranking higher in no time.

1. Optimize the Page Titles

Take a look at your website title, is it properly optimized? What does that mean?  First off lets explain where you can find your Website Title. A website title is located in the HTML header, at the very top of your webpage. It’s also usually the title that shows up right after your webpage’s URL in a Google search. This makes it extremely important to fill your title with keyword rich phrases in order for search engines to pick up on them. Since search engines look for keywords at the top of your page, It just makes sense to make your website title keyword rich. Don’t make it too long either, it should be short and to the point, as well as visually attractive so that people will actually want to click on it when they see it show up in a search.

2. Optimize the META-Tags

What are these so-called META-tags? Well plain and simple, they are HTML elements that are places in the HTML header and contain information about the content on the page. The three most common meta-tags are the meta-description, the meta-keywords and the meta-robots. The Meta-description is probably the most important meta-tag for SEO, It shows up as a brief description of the page in the search results. This description should be short, no more than 150 characters and should be intriguing and best describe the content on your page.

Meta-keywords aren’t nearly as important as they once used to be in SEO rankings. Meta-robots are still pretty popular. It affects the crawling of search engines, by determining whether or not the page should be indexed and whether the outgoing links are good or not. Its best to not even touch these unless you really know what you are doing. Just leave them as is, as “index, follow.”


3. Work on Internal Linking

It’s best to focus on linking the pages within your site to each other to create good cohesion. Generally you want to link the most important pages on your website back to the homepage. By creating these links you increase their overall page views, which in turn increases your overall page rank. So in order to boost search engine rankings for a particular internal page, make sure you directly link from the pages that have the highest page rank values as well as from your home page.

4. Keyword Usage

The most important thing about keywords is looking for the ones with the highest keyword rank based on content from your page, and then incorporating them into the title, Meta description, HTML headings, and text of the page. The best way of doing this is by using the Keyword Tool provided by Google Adwords. Remember, its all about the Keyword Rank, so use the tools available to make sure that the keywords you are using will help increase your overall Page Rank.

5. Make Use of Available Tools

Again, just by using some of the tools available, you can easily get your webpage to rank higher in search results. For example if you use XML sitemaps on your page, it makes it easier for a search engine to find and index your page, thus making your page rank higher. Also make sure your website has been submitted to the major search engines so that people can find it regardless of which search engine they prefer. Finally, use web analytics tools such as the ones provided by Google to track visitors and other SEO features to monitor and make sure that your page is well Optimized.


These five steps will surely help to optimize your site for the most traffic and interaction on the web. Along with link building, these steps can greatly increase your rankings and increase that organic traffic that you have been looking for.


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7 Responses to “5 SEO Tips to Get Higher Rankings”

  1. Thanks for the info. I’m going to have to work on #2 and be sure I’m optimizing my META tags. But I think I need to check #5 and be sure I’ve got my sitemaps in order too.

  2. CHL Digital says:

    Great share mate. these tips are awesome to improve the website’s ranking.

  3. Gurusvevo says:

    First time am going through your contents on your blog.
    They’re really mind blowing. Keep it up admin.

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