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5 SEO Tips for WordPress

If you’re serious about blogging these days, you have your own webpage URL and a hosting membership. You’re also most likely using WordPress as your content management system based on its ease and ability to be customized virtually anyway you like. But are people actually reading your blogs? Are your posts SEO optimized so that search engines and other people can find them? If you’re not sure you probably need to get some type of analytics to see what kind of traffic you have. If your traffic is not ideal I suggest you read these 5 SEO Tips for WordPress, in order to gain more traffic to your pages.


Utilizing Tags

Tags add specificity to your blog posts that help both search engines and visitors find relevant information on your webpage. Every time you write a new blog entry, make sure to add tags in the “Post Tags” field. Each tag should be specific and targeted. It is better to have fewer tags which are keyword rich then a bunch of useless words that have little to no SEO value. To find out what keywords to use specifically, check out Google’s  Adwords Keyword Tool.

Customized Permalinks

A permalink is a permanent URL for your blogpost. You should change the default structure so that the permalink is filled with pertinent keywords. To change the default structure you can do one of two things. Either edit the permalink to what you want, by clicking “Edit” next to the permalink, or you can set it up so that the permalink will automatically be the blog post title that’s in the title line. To do this, you simply go to “Permalinks” under “Settings” in your dashboard, and click “Custom Structure” and enter /%postname%/. WordPress also highly recommends that you add a numeric structure such as a date to go along with each post. This helps WordPress to easily distinguish between new posts and static pages.


XML Sitemaps

XML Sitemaps are key when it comes to SEO. An XML Sitemap is simply just a list of pages on your website. These help search engines skim through your Word Press website better and help to discover your posts. A Sitemap also alerts search engines like Google whenever you post new content on your blog. I highly recommend that you use the Google XML Sitemap plug-in to automate the sitemap for you. You can download and install this by going to the “plug-in” section of your dashboard.


Optimize Posts

The Standard SEO techniques will work just fine for a WordPress site. Be sure to optimize your posts by targeting keywords in important areas of your post. The key locations are the post tilte, post heading, and anchor text of links in the post. Keywords must be relevant to the blog topic and should flow naturally and not sound too spammy.


Link Internally

Link to other related posts, categories, and tags within each post. Make sure to use keyword rich anchor text. By linking internally, you will encourage your readers to explore other pages on your site and help search engines as well in identifying related pages and posts from your webpage.


Know that you’ve read “5 SEO Tips for WordPress,” You have a much better understanding of the basic SEO functionality of Word Press. For more information on SEO for Word Press, Check out “5 Reasons Why WordPress + SEO = Awesome.” If you think you need even more help with your webpage’s SEO, Please give us a call to schedule a consultation appointment at 1-800-747-3263, or fill out the form on the right to have one of out specialist contact you Today!

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  1. Excellent advice again guys! I think the one usually understated SEO advice for *any* blog is to create great content. Content makes the search engines happy and usually produces, “self-optimized” posts with great keywords, and room for a very creative and optimized title.

  2. Tim Peirce says:

    Thanks Rob,

    I actually understood most of it and apply it.

  3. Stanley Rao says:

    Google changes search algorithm, Trying to make results more timely

  4. Nice Tips! Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. thanks for the great tipps – I just start to rebuild my company page on WP and all of this is helpful

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  19. Birchi says:

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