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5 SEO Tactics To Avoid

This blog post will go over 5 Black Hat SEO tactics that will have adverse effects on your website’s SEO. Therefore you should really try to avoid these in order to maintain a high ranking within search engines. SEO doesn’t happen over night, it takes patience and consistency. So trying to take the shortcut to higher rankings will just put you farther behind your goal. So lets dive in and see what you need to avoid.

 1.   Link Farming

The art of creating a fake website, just to link to other websites. The idea behind this is that search engines will see these sites and think they are popular. This of course worked wonders before Google picked up on it. Now they will penalize sites that use link farms to gain rankings!

2.   Meta Stuffing

This is when website owners start stuffing meta keywords tags with worthless keywords that have no meaning at all to their content. Now a days, Google doesn’t even use these for indexing, so all your doing is just wasting your time.

3.   Keyword Spamming

This is still popular today, to those of you who are still unfamiliar to SEO. This type of Black Hat SEO involves writing content that just repeats keywords over and over and barely makes any sense, just so that Google will see the keywords used often and index them to your webpage. This is a childish maneuver and many people will stop visiting your site, and even Google might catch on and drop your rankings.

4.   Twitter Bombing

Twitter Bombing is the latest craze to hit the SEO world. Twitter bombing is the act of using a bot to automatically send out thousands of tweets in the hope to gain more links back. Twitter and Google do not tolerate this tactic anymore and by doing so you can actually result in you being banned from Twitter and Google’s SERPs.

 5.   Fake Headlines

When it comes to headlines, you would be shocked to know how many people try to use fake headlines to gain attraction to their site. If you’re trying to sell insurance and using a headline like “Jersey Shore Scandal,” Google will pick up on this and ban you from their search results. So don’t try it, it’s not worth being banned from the biggest search engine out there.


There are plenty more Black Hat SEO tactics out there, but again you should really avoid using them. Organic SEO takes time and isn’t something that will happen over night.  Using these tactics might increase your SEO for a short time, but if you’re caught, it will be detrimental to your overall SEO. So stay clear of these tactics, and remember, “Cheaters Never Prosper!”

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2 Responses to “5 SEO Tactics To Avoid”

  1. Very needed post Robert. So many people are still using these techniques and don’t realize they have an adverse affect on your SEO.

  2. Sean says:

    Yes these tactics have all been proven to get your website slapped back to no mans land. Great tips thanks for sharing 🙂

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