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5 Reasons Why You Need Social Media -

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5 Reasons Why You Need Social Media

social-media-sitesSpeculation regarding the influence social media has on search engine rankings has now turned into fact rather than speculative assumptions. The following explains how social media will influence the performance of your website rankings.

1.  Google ranks you higher

If you have been delaying your social media campaign, or perhaps your Facebook profile needs some attention, you should start to prioritize this immediately. The algorithm set out by Google gives preference to websites that have proven to be an authority in their industry. This is calculated by the amount of Facebook likes, Google +1’s and Twitter followers. By taking measures to post information, gaining new fans and growing your social media popularity, will enhance your search engine rankings long-term.

2.  Gives customers confidence

It’s hardly impressive to visit a businesses Facebook page to find they have no more than 100 fans or likes. This kind of scenario will result in lost customers. Consumers are becoming socially savvy, and will judge your business and credibility based on your social status.

3.  Inexpensive marketing

To obtain a regularly updated social media presence is a low cost exercise and offers you a great way to communicate with your clients and potential customers. It allows you to promote special deals, get feedback, and the ability to further engage with your client base in a non formal manner through various social media channels.

4.  Protects your brand identity

As an example, let’s say a local electrician noticed he had a lack of sales leads for the past 6 months. Let’s assume he was not socially savvy. The electrician may not have any clue that his Google Places listing has poor reviews listed on his page hence turning away customers that landed there. Even though the electrician had no idea he had a social presence, he in fact does, like it or not, and so it’s critical that he reviews this on a regular basis as a means of protecting his reputation.

5.  You competitors are already doing it

Find out if your competitors already have a social media presence, if they do and you don’t, you are falling behind. Creating and maintaining a social media presence requires a strategy and patience. If you lack a social presence with your business website, your competitors are already starting to develop trust and loyalty with your market.

If you are looking to implement a social media strategy but are unsure on how to implement this, there are various oursourcing alternatives for as little as $100 per month that can set-up and execute your social media campaign. The longer you put it off, the further you are poised to remain isolated from this essential marketing strategy.

Enhance your search engine rankings and brand reputation today and get your social media campaign up and running!

The Author:

Matt Fuller is a freelance writer and works for Website Hotline based in Australia.

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3 Responses to “5 Reasons Why You Need Social Media”

  1. Thanks for sharing valuable information!

  2. This is what I want to hear in a very long time. I’m tired reading, hearing, and knowing about SEO, SEO, Es–ee-ow.

    I hope social media can beat the power of search engines for Affiliate blogs and business websites.

  3. So true! What a good point about companies/brands that avoid using social media – They still end up having a negative impact in their business since they are reflected poorly whether they like it or not.
    It is FABULOUS when a company really pays attention to customer service via their social media circles. A great way to not only drive business, but to also keep happy customers!

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