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4 Ways to Bring Your Social Media Back to Life

Fall is all around us, and autumn’s winds remind us of the coming new year, and all the things we want to improve on. We start planning, and start sweeping away the clutter that held us back this year. We start searching for rubbish that can be thrown away, making space for all the projects and activities we have planned for 2013.

That weathered bookshelf?

Toss it.

Old clothes, boxed belongings from the early 90s, broken gizmos and gadgets you have been meaning to fix?

Forget about them all.

And if in your cleaning crusade you come across your old social media profile, the one that has been in the corner, neglected, covered in spider webs and the dust of things forgotten, pull it out, shine it bright, and begin to think about righting all of your previous social media wrongs.


No need to think too big yet. We do not want to overwhelm you; rather, we want to prepare you for your fresh start in 2013 by stabilizing a few of your crumbling social media foundations, beginning with the basics. We have compiled a short list below, which will helpĀ resuscitateĀ the flittering lifeline your social media profile has been clinging to. Follow these steps so that your profile will be optimized for a positive directional change come January.

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  1. Very True. Beautifully Written.

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