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4 Ways Dentists Can Improve Their Social Media Content

1. Scrap the Plaque

You want your social media content to be light and airy. Do not bog it down by posting technical jargon or content that is sure to bore your readers to sleep. Pick away at the sluggish material, and shape your social media content by consistently monitoring what works and what doesn’t with the help of Google Analytics. If your followers are not responding to lengthy narratives, try other forms of communication, like adding more photos of happy clients with smiling faces, or YouTube videos on how to floss properly, or how-to grocery shop if you have braces. Think outside the box, round-out your social media content with a variety of laughs and information, and scarp the plague that threatens to tarnish your social smile.

2. No Drill Zone

Do not drill your followers with spammy advertisements or sales pitching. This is a guaranteed way to lose your fan base. Stay clear of grinding posts and mechanical status updates by humanizing your approach. Instead of talking about a promotion, ask your fans how they are doing, send a client a personalized thank you tweet or highlight a follower of the week on Facebook and promote them on your social wall. Doing these things will encourage your fans to stay engaged with you, and will let them know that you are not in the Facebook and Twitter game to try to gain a quick buck or two.

3. Ditch the Dental Mask

Let’s expand a little on the “humanizing” aspect of social media. It is important to take strides in showing your social followers that there is a man/woman behind the dental mask. It’s clear that there is a large disconnect between dentists and their patients, mostly because scheduled dental visits only happen once or twice a year, which leaves little time to build trust. Social media is the bridge for this gap, and can help your practice communicate with clients year-around, which promotes consistency, familiarity, and trust. As the most significant aspect of social media, trust will earn you the long-lasting relationships that will help you grow and sustain you practice.

4. Surveying the Social Field

Surveys are the back-bone to any dental practice looking to go social. There are social stigmas out there which say dental practices are scary places filled with screeching noises and fear. So break these barriers down by addressing the problem head on. Create surveys which are aimed at making dental visits more enjoyable for your patients. Ask them everything- from their experience in the waiting room, to scheduling appointments, to the overall ambiance of your practice. Do they enjoy the color of the walls? Are the chairs they are sitting in comfortable? Is the pricing reasonable? Give you patients a voice, and they will be happy to tell you their likes and dislikes. User-engagement is key when establishing a quality social media presence, and surveys will certainly kick-start the conversation.

To provide an example, here is a survey Branding Personality, in conjunction with Chapman University, created in order to find out what makes a dental practices more socially serviceable in the eyes of their patients:

Do You Love or Hate Going to Your Dentist?

In Conclusion…

All in all, these four tips will get you going in the right social direction. Patience is always required when using social media, but relationship building is based on trust, and social media will provide the missing link between you, your clients, and the potential patients currently floating in the seas of Facebook and Twitter. There are a multitude of ways to stay engaged with the social world, but it is up to you to define your approach, and to start taking a proactive stance on growing your dental practice through social selling. If you find you are at a crossroads, we are always here to steer you into the conversational sunset.



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