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4 SEO Plugins Your WordPress Website Must Have

WordPress SEOSo your company decided that it’s finally time to take the plunge into the blogging world. Congrats! It’s an integral part of any Internet marketing plan, and it’s a great thing that you have finally gotten started! Static websites don’t get nearly as much traffic as those that are continually updated. This is where blogging comes in, because each new blog post is fresh new content and another reason for someone to visit your website and browse around. Those intriguing blog posts wont matter too much if your blog isn’t formatted correctly for SEO. To make sure that you are maximizing your visibility, I have  listed 4 SEO Plugings for your WordPress Website. 

1.)  All in One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack is one of, if not the most important plugin on this list. All in one SEO allows you to set up custom titles for all your pages, and blog posts. It also enables you to set the descriptions and keywords for the page so that search engine spiders can easily detect your keywords and check to see if your content is related.

2.)  Akismet

Think of Akismet as the ultimate spam picker upper. This plugin will help to catch any spam that spammers might try to post to your website. It is generally a great idea to make sure that this is constantly updated whenever there is one available. Chances are if there is an update, it is because spammers have gone out of their way to go around the filter that Akismet sets up. Hence why you might see a lot more spam then usual if you don’t keep this plugin updated constantly.

3.)  Google XML Sitemap

This Plugin makes life so much easier by sending out your xml sitemap to all the different search engines out there. It’s a one stop, do it all kind of plugin. Google XML Sitemap will literally create the XML Sitemap for you as well as ping it out to all the search engines it has in its database.

4.)  CommentLuv

CommentLuv is a plugin designed to bring more traffic and comments to your blog, by fighting spam, adding in keywords, integrating blog links and twitter links, and most importantly its advanced back linking feature. The back linking feature provides a back link to the latest blog post on the page of the person who commented on your site and vice versa when you comment on other CommentLuv enabled blogs. It truly is the best commenting plugin for the avid blogger.

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247 Responses to “4 SEO Plugins Your WordPress Website Must Have”

  1. Adam says:

    I use WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast. Never try CommentLuv before. Will try it. Thanks for the sharing.

    • Wes says:

      I also use wp seo by yoast. It has an XML sitemap generator built in and google, bing, and alexa site verification tool. I’m not sure which has the most advantages; wp seo or all in one seo pack.

  2. Morgan says:

    For once I have & use all of the plugins listed. 🙂 Usually there’s at least one plugin that I haven’t heard of but these are classics and I’m glad to know I’m doing something right with my SEO tactics.

    Thanks a bunch!

  3. Alex says:

    I use just Commetluv premium version and I love it. I take advantage of CommentLuv and also generate links to my YouTube videos.

  4. John Pratt says:

    All in One SEO Pack is my favorite followed by Google XML Sitemap. You just can’t go through your blogging life without all these WordPress plugins.

  5. Ian Said says:


    Please alaborate on the CommentLuv, what is it?, advantages, etc.
    I assume I am using it now on this website?


  6. I love the Commentluv plugin and I find that most blogs that use it have more comments. Ian, Commentluv shows a commenters latest blog post underneath their comment (see below). Depending on how you set it up, you can often include your twitter name and your keywords next to your name. Definitely a plus for encouraging conversation on your blog.

    For SEO, I prefer the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin. I replaced All in One SEO with this newer one since it also took the place a several others combined. The fewer plugins you have, the better.

    – Sharyn

  7. Debi says:

    Happy to say i use all four plugins mentioned 🙂 I would also add a security plugin though, for peace of mind with all these hackers around…I use for example WordPress Firewall 2, but there are several good ones available…

  8. I love All in One SEO. It is extremely useful and robust. I love how much functionality is built into it and how easily you can have pretty much all of your SEO needs done quickly. Thanks for the other resources as well!

  9. Dean.C says:

    I think, there’s nothing wrong to try this 4 plug.ins even though I have already using a kind… At least it’s an additional stuff for me for choosing the best among better…

  10. shawn says:

    I actually prefer the Yoast plugin over All In One. It shows you the count of your keywords and density in each post.

  11. sourabh rana says:

    Yes. I am 100% agree with you that these plugins are must have for any wordpress site. Every Plugin have its own function which serves the website owner and comment luv plugin for blog readers 🙂

  12. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing. I have and use all of those plugins and they are essential.

    Dr. Erica

  13. Cindy says:

    I advise everyone I know to go social. You can not know what Google is up to. For that matter we cannot know even what Facebook or anything else is up to to but it’s is always good to diversify.

  14. WordPress is really a good SEO plugin that can help you create your own blog and promote your website and I think you can also use wordpress to start an internet business.

  15. S M Khan says:

    Commentluv is the first that one should choose to have because it gives various benefits to control the comment spam.

  16. Leandro P says:

    I have used all except commentluv.. 🙂

  17. seo says:

    thanks, good sharing… seo makale ve seo dersleri…

  18. Chris Allen says:

    Hi Gang,

    Well all of my sites have got the All in one seo plugin, akismet and google xml sitemap plugins BUT im NOT familiar with the commemnt luv plugin.

    If someone could fill me in i would really appreciate it.

    Many Thanks and Warm Regards

    Chris Allen

  19. arıcılık says:

    thank you seo sharing

  20. Amit says:

    W3 Total Cache is great as well. Has indirect SEO benefit by making your site fast, which is a ranking factor and keeps users on a site as well.

  21. Mike Escott says:

    I use ultimate SEO, it’s a great plugin with loads of handy modules… much better than all in one I think. Another great plugin is SEO search terms 2, it’ll show you all the recent search terms used to reach your site and will also publish them in a widget and as tags at the end of the posts the search brought up which helps re-enforce the page for those keywords.

  22. Roger Dooley says:

    Once caution on CommentLuv. It can be a nice way to allow a greater community to build by letting your commenters display their own related content. The downside is that you get a ton of jackasses making inane comments with link to the affiliate crap in their “recent post.”

    These are human spammers, and they will mention the article content to demonstrate that. But they demonstrate minimal understanding and add nothing useful to the discussion. I can read the text of the comment and almost always predict that it will have a CommentLuv link along with the name link.

    I’m actually thinking of disabling CommentLuv because of this issue.

    • Hi Roger, I agree with you on CommentLuv, unfortunately that is more and more the case on this blog as well. I am not at that point yet to disable CommentLuv, but it definitely has my attention. 🙁

      • George says:

        Hi Marieke and Roger,

        I have just started with CommentLuv and I think what you both mentioned is exactly what happens… CommentLuv seems to be great to drive traffic but it needs attention in moderating the comments to avoid (too much?)spam. And as Marieke mentioned, CommentLuv might just have an expire date after it has served its purpose or when it becomes impossible to find time to moderate properly.

  23. Thanks for this wonderful article. I have 3 of the 4 plugins mentioned. I assume CommentLuv is this comment platform that you are using right now.

    But it seems to be giving a “NoFollow” to the links. Maybe I should explore it, and see if it works for my site.


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  26. Malcolm Gibb says:

    Ultimate SEO plugin is definitely a plugin to have on your blog. Let’s you do so much like alter meta data for nearly everything, autolink certain words and so much more!

  27. Okan says:

    Oh, thanks. Sharing best! 🙂

  28. Güncel blog says:

    Oh good! Thanks for best sharing.

  29. nikhil says:

    I haveused the first 3 plugins and they are realy good.Havent tried comment luv surely gonna give it a try.

  30. Jessica says:

    I would rate the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast high over All in One SEO.

  31. Eru says:

    I love the commentluv plugin. I’ll highly recommend getting its premium version. It is totally worth it. I’ll also recommend getting the GASP plugin by the creators of commentluv to prevent spam.

  32. As an avid blogger, I can safely say that Akismet and CommentLuv are two of the most popular plugins. CommentLuv Plugin in particular is fast gaining popularity among the blogging community.

  33. Andy says:

    Thanks for the post, I did not know that Comment luv was a plugin… I will definitely be getting it.

  34. Daniel says:

    great article, didn’t know what half of these things did, but had seen them used quite a bit. Thanks for the heads up!

  35. Paul Shapiro says:

    I recommend the “Robots Meta” plugin and “SEO Ultimate”. I use them both in conjunction with the above plugins. Just pick and choose which features you use in SEO Ultimate and you are golden.

  36. Gold Coast Internet Marketing says:

    Of all this plug-ins, I am just familiar with commentluv. Other plug-ins would really be such a big help for a website. This makes me knowledgeable more about what to do and what to have in order for my website. Thanks a lot for this!

  37. achieveyourhealth says:

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  42. Thanks for the list, I am currently using catablog plugin to manage my affiliate content. However its options are limited for front end user, is there any alternative. Thanks in advance.

  43. Deynn says:

    Creating a business website with WordPress is a good chance to increase the number of customers and to manage your own content. I always install Child Theme first so I can edit the theme of the site and next is the Custom CSS and JS for the editing of the whole website. A website must be clean especially if you provide specific services in your niche.

  44. Kevin Young says:

    Great Share!

    I also add SEO Yoast in the list of added plugins for a blog website. It is very significant and essential for the success of a website as it allows to create Meta Tags which includes Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords. Which play an indispensable role in search engine optimization.

  45. Albert says:

    Nice blog! Thanks for sharing…

  46. What an extremely detailed and helpful blog post. I like how you’ve given some alternatives, because as you say, what works for one person might not work for another.

    A problem I face at the moment is speeding up my blog’s load time. Sometimes it seems to be agonisingly and I’m wondering if I’ve set it up badly. Anyway, I’m going to try one or both of the plugins you mentioned for this, starting with W3 Total Cache.

    Great post and thanks for the information!

  47. WOW! Hey… 🙂

    You hit all my favorite talking point, this is great thank you for sharing this to us. I will take note of this all important information.

  48. Luke says:

    I use related content which is free and randomize related links for post,pages and categories. It is easy to use.

  49. rybmarketing says:

    All in One SEO Pack is my most loved took after by Google XML Sitemap. You can’t experience your blogging existence without all these WordPress modules.

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  53. Timy says:


    You have shared a great post.

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    Thanks for sharing!

  54. CommentLuv is definitely useful like WordPress. It is a great plugin that I really enjoy using.

  55. Virtual Edge says:

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  56. I checked out so many things from this post! Basically, I just love plugins and how it allows me to make my site run better, and I could totally go crazy over all the options.

  57. Tristan Chua says:

    Interesting article. I tried the plugins that you suggested and it help me optimize my site better. Keep up the good work!

  58. Fabiana says:

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  63. Arina says:

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  64. Awesome list. Thank you for sharing them!

  65. Regex SEO says:

    Great to find your article! Just trying to understand how SEO pluggins work. Definitely gonna start with those four, thanks!

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  69. Alica says:

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  73. Matt says:

    Great article!
    Just wanted to ask you and your readers if anyone has had recent issues with Facebook!
    Recently, they removed every single post from my business page and personal page that linked to my website!!!
    They said it is spam but the articles in the links took me ages to write and are defo not spam!
    Do you think this us a strategy to make people like me have to pay for ads???
    Look forward to more informative posts…

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