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3 must-have ingredients for inspiring blog posts -

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3 must-have ingredients for inspiring blog posts

Mix Food in bowlNot everyday is a day that I feel inspired to write, but now this 30-day blog challenge has me going. Here are three things that work well for me to make sure I am inspired to blog:

1. Don’t think it has to perfect.
If you think you have to write a masterpiece, you’re blocking yourself. That is usually where the writers block comes in. If you accept that anything you write is good. You’ll keep producing. It’s like Seth Godin says: “Ship it!”, don’t keep perfecting it, just write and publish. This is not your final master piece, it’s through practice that you’ll get better.

2. Get enough sleep and time to think (off-time)
This is always something I am challenging with myself. When I grew up my philosophy was that sleep was a waste and that I should every minute of my day efficiently. In the same line I have done the Everyman’s sleep Cycle, a form of polyphasic sleeping. You sleep multiple times a day for a total of 3-4 hours. It has some challenges, which is why I quit after a few months. Basically, with my busy schedule I ended up sleeping in my car for my required 15-minute nap twice during the day. And I wasn’t very comfortable with that. 🙂 Now, you don’t have to go to such extremes, but make sure you don’t sleep too little or too much. A lot of people actually have sleeping problems, because they think they need to sleep more, and they actually don’t.

Also, have time during the day that your mind can wander. That’s when your mind processes all the stuff that is going on and your mind is actually making things up or building out bigger ideas.

3. Read, read, read.
A common problem with people who say that they don’t have any inspiration to write, is because they don’t read enough. If you read enough your inspiration will come. Don’t feel inspired? Check out a few blogs and it brings you ideas to start writing. Don’t think it’s you, you have to do something to get inspired. And if you make reading part of your daily ritual, then you are ready to write an inspiring blog post every day!

So, don’t hold yourself back in thinking you aren’t inspired. Don’t stress yourself, start reading and take good care of yourself.

I look forward to reading your amazing inspired blog post!

What are your tricks to get inspired to write?

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8 Responses to “3 must-have ingredients for inspiring blog posts”

  1. Edward says:

    To heck with sleep, one of the best things about being a blogger or a writer of anything is that my sleep is interrupted by the flow of ideas. But, seriously… thank you very much for the tips, as I better understand today that reading is a key source of knowledge and ideas, as is posting comments to other’s writing. Excellent post and thanks for the reminder that perfection is in the eye of the beholder and not the scribbler.

  2. Josh says:

    Perfection is the bane of good writing. If you let it get in the way of your search you will never produce.

    I enjoyed this and agree with everything you have written, especially the need to read.

  3. Carolyn says:

    Excellent points. I would like to add a bit to your point number two. Sleep on a blog post. Try to write it at least the day before so you can look at it with fresh eyes the next day.

    Dino’s suggestion of walking is good. I like to think about these issues in the shower too. For some reason a nice shower gives me plenty of ideas and much needed perspective.

  4. Malhar says:

    Another great post!!

    And I completely agree on #3. Nothing beats regular reading. It’s a must to gather ideas and improve your own writing.

  5. I dont’ sleep much, I’ve tried the polyphasic sleep but when I looked through my time logs I reazlied I was just complicating my life by trying to follow the schedule and at the end of the day I only gained about 30 minutes of waking time. I already sleep very little. But #1 and #3 are critical. We’re not writing a thesis for college, and the adage is true, if you want to be a writer, read.

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  7. Yes, think, read, sleep and try different (even unusual ones) forms. It has a lot in common with any known art.

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