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10 Reasons Why Your Blog Content is Boring -

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10 Reasons Why Your Blog Content is Boring

Most people online would say that good content is needed to make a good website. Although this is a statement that has been repeated countless times, its effect is not evident with the general quality of websites. A large percentage of websites still feature bad content or reuse content found elsewhere. Great content can do more than just bring people to the site and keep them entertained. High quality content can also improve your website’s rankings.

1. No originality

More often than not, writers produce articles on topics that have been covered numerous times before. Make your blog stand out by writing about topics that have never discussed before or that people are afraid to talk about. If it is a common topic, try tackling it from a different angle.

2. Lack of a good story

People like to read a good story and be entertained. Good stories excite them and keep them engaged. Avoid writing like you are trying to sell a product. People hate reading about product descriptions, especially when it is filled with complicated jargon.

3. Not thinking like a publisher

It is a battle of quantity versus quality. Companies often think that publishing enough content is enough to get people interested. On the other hand, publishers think of ways to keep the reader interested in reading the rest of the article. To produce good content, brands should think more like publishers and think about what the audience likes to read on.

4. Too much self-promotion

Companies want to produce content that promotes their product and gets people to buy or avail of their services. However, people do not like hearing a sales pitch. Such attempts can make them mistrust the brand even further. They want to read content that brings value or improves their lives.

5. Failure to have a voice

Brands often spend a lot of time and resources developing their logo but not their content. When it comes to promoting content, companies should think about their target market. Companies that are targeting young adults should choose a writer or publisher that understands them and speak their lingo.

6. Lacking authority

Trust is something that gets developed over time. Writers need to build rapport and relationships with readers before they can expect the audience to trust them.

7. Too long

Consider the platform where you will be sharing the content on. If you choose to use social media websites, keep the updates short but concise. For Facebook and Twitter, try to keep it under 80 characters.

8. Uninteresting topic

Always consider your audience when thinking of a topic to write about. Articles are not journal entries. Readers want to read about something that interests them and not about the author’s routines.

9. Not offering anything of value

People like to read and share content that makes them look smart or about a topic that they find interesting. Aim to fulfill at least one of these objectives.

10. Too serious

Add a little bit of humor in your post. Have a bit of fun while writing it. People like to read or share content which makes them laugh.

About the Author:

Bethany Wesch writes about blogging, branding and online marketing. She writes for QuantumLinx – an online marketing agency which specialise in providing SEO services in Sydney to local businesses and sales people.

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10 Responses to “10 Reasons Why Your Blog Content is Boring”

  1. Very helpful and informative, good pointers.
    Thank You.

  2. Dexter says:

    This is great resource. Thanks!

  3. nick says:


  4. Jacob Yount says:

    Good stuff. “Not thinking like a publisher”; hadn’t considered that one and need to start incorporating. Will continue to fine tune these traits. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great tips, especially the one about being too long. For blog posts, I’ll stop reading after about 500 words unless the subject is hilarious or enthralling.

  6. Fantastic article, some great points, I’ll have to make sure to use!

  7. Zia says:

    Wow! Great! It must be very useful for me. It’s very informative…


  8. Zia says:

    Wow! Great article! It must be very useful and informative…


  9. Richard Lee says:

    Good pointers and very informative especially the “not offering anything of value” point. Most people search and read blogs are looking for information to solve a problem, looking to upgrade their current situation or an opinion to make a decision. And if we could help our reader with that, they will enjoy our content and continue to visit our blog. They want to read content that brings value or improves their lives.


  10. Jane says:

    Hey Bethany, useless content is so common these days and hence it is also boring. Most bloggers churn out many blogs posts and articles in a very short period in order to keep up with the content creation rat race. The quality of the content gets hit and most bloggers either don’t realize or they don’t care.

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